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June 29, 2010

Planning a trip to the Gulf Coast this summer? Don’t let the BP oil spill cancel your vacation. Many areas of the coast are unaffected by the oil and remain open to the public. Contact local campgrounds for current conditions and any special promotions they might be running. If you still have hesitations, there are plenty of other lovely attractions in the area to keep you entertained.

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Just across Georgia’s southern border lies the aptly named Sunshine State, where winter-weary tourists come to escape the chilly northern weather. While it’s true that many of the more popular attractions are in the southern part of Florida, the northern end still has plenty to offer the traveler who’s looking for an escape. It’s been said that the only white stuff you’ll see on Florida’s ground is the sand on the miles upon miles of coast, and rightly so. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more unspoiled range of beaches than right here in Northern Florida. If you are looking to take a quick weekend getaway, you might want to stop along these scenic locations & attractions on your one tank trips journey through Northern Florida and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Take for instance Gulf Breeze, which is such a beautiful place to visit, you might be tempted to make this both your point of origin and your final destination for this road adventure. Pull over anywhere along the beachfront and set up camp. Enjoy everything Northern Florida camping has to offer. The sounds of the crashing, bright green waves just take you away from the stresses of everyday life. Take a stroll and see the local amenities and activities, including zoos and botanical gardens. Enjoy fine dining at any of the local resort restaurants, or just set up your grill and cook by the side of the rig. If you’re looking for a way to kick back and relax, Gulf Breeze is an ideal place to do it.

Providing you can tear yourself away from the tranquility of Gulf Breeze, Ft. Walton Beach awaits you just 15 miles down eastbound US-98. Ft. Walton has been drawing travelers for a lot longer than you might think. Evidence of a Civil War encampment has been discovered within the city’s boundaries, and notorious pirate Billy Bowlegs paid the area a visit somewhere in the late 19th century. Bring your metal detector, because with all this pirate activity, who knows what treasures you might turn up!

Ft. Walton has quite a bit to keep you entertained for as long as you care to stay. There are shops along the beachfront, and carnival-style amusement parks with go-cart tracks. Don’t miss the Boardwalk, and its collection of restaurants and nightspots. Maybe get in a game of volleyball there on the sand, or rent a boat or Jet Ski at one of the local rental offices. The seals and dolphins that call this area their home entertain locals and tourists alike, so make sure you’ve got fresh batteries in your camera. You won’t want to miss the antics these aquatic acrobats put on.

Eight miles farther east on the 98 takes you into Destin, which is known by many as “the world’s luckiest fishing village.” This is not to say that all you need to do is pour the worms onto the floor of your boat and watch the fish jump in, but from all accounts if you haven’t caught at east enough to fill your belly by day’s end, you might want to see if your line’s even in the water. Destin’s the home of several fishing tournaments and there’s enough fish in the water to support a number of local boat charter services, so make yourself feel like a fishing master and go for it! If fishing’s not for you, fear not. There’s also diving, snorkeling, and dolphin watching. Maybe you’d rather just grab a towel and a folding chair and sit on the sand with a good book. There’s plenty of beach for just that purpose.

Your final stop of Panama City is another 55 eastbound miles on US-98. This is a particularly popular destination for returning travelers, as it has family parks that cater to any little ones who might be traveling with you, and offers diving, fishing, and other water sports that appeal to the more mature crowd. It’s a popular spring break destination, and is quite busy during the summer months. Pier Park offers dozens of eating and shopping opportunities, and there’s no shortage of day cruises available, where you can dolphin watch or just enjoy the feel of the sea spray on your face. After you see what Panama City has to offer, the odds are good that you’ll be one of those returning travelers next year.

This article was only one of many other exciting one tank trips also found in Woodall’s 2010 North American Campground Directory. Enjoy an eventful weekend getaway of Northern Florida camping and experience it all on just one tank of gas.

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  2. Alice

    RV camping could not be any more fun in this area. Lots of wilderness and you truly are roughing it with all that nature around you! Northern Florida is really nice actually despite the contrary. I did real camping out in these parts a few years ago and though it was a bit messy, it was a lot of fun. I did it for the boys of the family! Then I got the vacation I wanted-lots of pampering and beaches! We went to Palm Bay! We stayed at the Palm Bay Hotel ( Cheap and close to the water, great times!

  3. The Gulf Coast is always a beautiful place to stay, especially if you love the beach. If you’re ever looking for campgrounds or things to do in the area, check out We are a website dedicated to the RV camping experience. We not only list campgrounds and points of interest, but we also have RVs for sale, dealerships and community forums on the site. Come visit us, its only a click away!

  4. Florida for me is the land of beaches. It has one of the best beaches in America. Miami for sure is the best bet from Florida. Camping has always been something that I’m interested in and I have experienced the pleasure of camping in Oregon but Florida still remains untouched.

  5. Russ in Florida

    East bound is correct, but the highway is US 98, not I 98.

  6. Directional correction: Starting in Gulf Breeze, one must travel EAST bound on I-98 to get to Destin and Panama City, on one tank of gas. 🙂

  7. I agree with you, this area is absolutely beautiful and an excess of folks never travel through this wonderful area… I have numerous times and I agree with what was written above…

    Go and enjoy it… So much there…