MSNBC's Elkhart Project

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April 8, 2009

Elkart, Indiana has been called the RV Capital of the World at times in the past, because so very many RV manufacturers and related industries have called Elkhart home. As of February, however, Elkhart had a 19.6% unemployment rate according to MSNBC. And now, MSNBC has announced the The Elkhart Project. They’ve started a blog specifically to cover the town’s economic battle. Read more about the Elkhart Project on MSNBC.

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  3. Rick

    When coming home to Michigan last week from Arizona we stopped at the Fleetwood repair facility in Decator, IN not far from Elkhart. They were down to 12 techs working 32 hours a week from 120 techs. I thought it was really sad. These folks had a great attitude and bent over backwords to fix some issues I had with my coach. (Not warrenty). They did a fine job and were very very reasonable with the hours they charged. I sincerely hope they emerge from bankrupsy and help to get the economy going in that area again. My wife and I are GM and believe me, we feel their pain.