Member Tip: Doggy Dilemma

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December 20, 2011

My wife and I have been RVing with two dogs since 1998.  The constant concern is where to securely tie them up without being in the sun or bothering the neighbors. One of them is an 85-pound Labrador retriever that can move picnic tables, when he spots someone who might pet him!

We solved this by mounting eyebolts under the coach. The eyebolts were affixed at solid points, and sealed.

You can tether the dog to the eyebolts using whatever length leash you find offers decent roaming room without inadvertently allowing the animal to hurt himself; even the shortest tether still lets him relax under the RV, in the shade.

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  1. Beth

    I agree with the others who have suggested that it is not proper to leave dogs outside unattended — anywhere! When we leave our RV site, our dog is either in her crate, inside the RV (AC running if necessary), or with us. I do think that all dogs should be crate-trained — keeps them safe and out of trouble, also usually prevents barking. When we are around the campsite, we use an “X-pen”, a small folding pen, that can be anchored to the ground, and is tall enough to prevent jumping out. Then our dog is free from any tethers but properly restrained all the same. X-pens come in different sizes and can be purchased at most pet supply stores. When we’re on the road it rides, folded flat, on top of the bed in our fifth wheel.

  2. Carolyn

    If you leave your dogs unattended outside at your site, how can you be sure that they are not barking a lot and annoying those around you? My feeling is that all dogs should be inside both for their safety and so that they do not bother other people.

  3. rvcycle

    I know that when we are onsite-our dogs love to sit outside attached to the steps to watch all the goings on. If we leave the site, then the dogs are inside in the cool air with a radio on to obscure noise from outside. We have small dogs, so it is also not unusual for them to be crated. I have always taught then the crate is a good thing-like sleeping at night-we use a time out chair for punishment and anoyher brd in the living room for when we are eating. they are not allowed at the table to beg.

  4. Re: tying a dog up while you are away from the RV. Could the owners of the RV park had someone check on the dog from time to time? Are there dog sitters available? Could the dog have been boarded for the day? I’d never leave a dog alone all day without supervision -indoors or out.

  5. John McQueen

    My neighbor tied his dog up while on a boating trip at the colorado river and the their dog that was tied up tangled himself in the rope and strangled. I wished he keep the dog inside with the air conditioner on.
    It would not have had such a bad outcome.