Largest Work of Art in History – with an RV?

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December 17, 2009

RVs are wonderful inventions that help us travel in comfort and style. But would you ever think of using one as a  “paintbrush”? Artist Jim Denevan did just that when he created the following amazing work in the Nevada desert — using just his RV equipped with GPS!

Stretching 9 miles in total, the entire work is reportedly the largest work of art in history.


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  3. J Ellis

    Mike, while you’re “speaking what’s on your heart,” are you also writing to the Pope about all the money wasted on those huge cathedrals, and other Christians and religous dedicated believers to quit spending it on worthless symbols? If you want to disdain my lifestyle, I guess you’re the first person without sin to throw a stone. Get a life.

  4. Chris C

    Excellent! I don’t know why people have to bring in “people in need” and environmental concerns. It’s Art; like Christo’s work; Running Fence or Valley ;Curtain. It’s beautiful, like a flower or a sunset is. And, he did it with and RV. I am going to look up more like Diane mentioned–thanks.

  5. Brett Heenan

    …..and a very happy and Holy Christmas to too, Mike

  6. mike cianci

    sorry, i don’t get it. another reason for the public to give disdain to rv’ers. if the artist has that kind of money to burn on fuel, the mobile christian ministry i serve at campers on misison could sure use some of it to help people in need. i speak what is on my heart.

  7. Jim Quinn

    And all this time I thought it was UFO’s doing this stuff! Impessive!

  8. Diane

    This is too cool! You have to watch the video to truly appreciate this guy’s work. It’s outstanding!!! (no pun intended)

  9. Richard M. Clark

    Someone else screwing up the desert

  10. Vegasdan

    Amazing, but don’t let Harry Reid see this.