Laptop GPS Reviews

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December 18, 2009

by Chris Guld,

I’ve written here a couple of times about GPS mapping software.

I use Laptop GPS World as a resource for anything I need to know about GPS software and hardware for laptops.  So, I thought I’d pass these reviews along.  I’m afraid that this post is a day late for you to enter the giveaway, but it’s a great list of product reviews anyway!

Win PC Mapping Software of Your Choice with USB GPS Receiver

Laptop GPS World announces a promotional give away of a variety of PC mapping and navigation software programs and laptop USB GPS receivers. Everyone is invited. To participate, simply post a reply, a comment, or a question, to any or all of the following reviews, between December 11 — 17, 2009:

· Microsoft Streets and Trips

· Microsoft AutoRoute

· DeLorme Street Atlas

· iGuidance

· Garmin Mobile PC

Two of each of the above software products will be given away. They all will include a USB GPS receiver.

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  1. Dave Planitzer

    Another great post, Chris. Thanks.
    We camp with a travel trailer pulled by a pickup. I’d like to use the laptop for navigation.
    Do you have any recommendations for mounting and powering it in the pickup?

  2. S. Elmendorf

    Am looking to get one for my husband for Christmas-your article looks like ti may help me decide. Thank you

  3. Frank Teale

    We use Microsoft’s Streets & Trips along with RV Directions 2009. It has over 50,000 POI’s and is a great companion. The price is right too. Take a look at RV

  4. Brooker

    I have used 2 different laptop gps, copilot, and ms streets and i preferred copilot which is not even on any of these lists? It was in my use easier, quicker to set up, had more to offer me at least. but the next best i have used hands down is MS street, i has played with the other ones and never liked to way they works or the info was to incomplete to be able to rely on it.

  5. Any suggestions for a Mac User??

  6. Forrest Moore

    I use Garmin, but would like a laptop program that has clearances and mountain grades, with a reasonable pricing. Will any of these do it?

  7. David Hopkins

    There’s one admonition for those using a laptop GPS in a vehicle: have a second person there to operate the computer. There are too many other reasons to have to take your eyes off the road without adding a laptop to it.

    I’ve been using GPS for over a decade and I use both the laptop GPS and a portable. I have DeLorme Street Atlas and Microsoft Streets and Trips.

    Having said that, laptop GPS is better. It has more detail and it shows more. The systems are more complete. The portable GPS units are still good. Each year, I make several trips to Michigan to visit the grandkids. I still use GPS just to check the progress of the trip. If I’m alone, I use the smaller unit.

  8. Chuck Mollig

    It’s hard to win the software when the notice is given on 12/18 but comments must be made between 12/11 and 12/17!


  9. Chris Cronk

    I echo the comment about being a day late and a dollar short…..What’s the point of submitting reviewsw if they are stale-dated…..

  10. Richard M. Clark

    Probably good products but none work on a MAC!

  11. Thomas Becher

    You were told going in that the review was over on the 16th so enough already Quiturbitching. What I don’t like is the Captcha Code with the lines running thru. It makes it too hard to figure out what they are. Used to be plain numbers and letters.

  12. Curt Troth

    Laptops get heavy after awhile on your lap. They require an inverter plugged into the cig lighter. They are great with their pictures, voice direction, and work well at showing you the road ahead and where you are at any minute. My Navigon GPS 4.3″ does all this and sets on the dashboard out of the way. Both driver and passenger can see and hear it. NONE OF THEM replace common sense and a look at the map every once in a while. All GPS units can and will lead you astray around detours, construction, accidents, etcs.

  13. Tom Hargreaves

    Anybody have experience using a laptop-only GPS with Trailer Life Directory Campground Navigator?

  14. Barry Engleman

    We use Streets and Trips on a laptop on the right side of the driver’s seat in the RV along with an older Garmin iQUE M5 (a PDA) with QueMap in it on the RV dash. Both get the same route programmed into them for RV travel. When we get to a destination, the Garmin goes into the Jeep.

    I like the big view Streets and Trips provides, especially when it is time to make a turn. The Garmin is usually excellent for predicting arrival times. And, it includes time and distance until next turn, speed and elevation.

    We call the Garmin “Lily” because she sounds a little bit like Lily Tomlin and she has a great voice for telling us what to do next. Streets and Trips is a little R2D2 sounding. Lily sounds like she is holding a conversation with you.

  15. Carol Zaremba

    Do any of these really give good directions for driving in Mexico. I’m talking about not only the large cities but the small ones you have to go thru to get to the larger cities. With the language problem with signs in Mex it would sure be nice to have something that would show good directions in where to make the correct turns in English.

  16. Carol, the recent 2009 and 2010 versions of Microsoft Streets & Trips do have decent coverage of Mexico. Earlier versions of the product included maps of only a couple of the biggest cities, but now you can see street-level detail even in small towns. I haven’t visited Mexico myself, but there’s been some positive feedback on the new Streets & Trips posted by people who have traveled in Mexico recently. Read the following two discussions:


    I hope you will find it informative.

  17. Any information on programs for the Mac?

  18. Fred

    I bought a 2009 Ford 350 and it comes equiped with the new Ford Navigation System. My wife and I love it, and its located on the dash for map reference or you can listen to the turn by turn voice directions. Here is a quote,
    “Our goal is to deliver the smart, connected in-car experience that customers today demand,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president of Global Product Development. “Ford is answering the call with the best technology solutions from companies like Microsoft and SIRIUS, connecting customers with mobile devices, important information they need on the road and bringing the experience to life with the latest in navigation technology and branded audio.”

  19. Julie Rea

    Are there any gps units/systems that work accurately in Mexico?

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