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September 3, 2010

Are you a member of Good Sams and live in WV– Join A Good Sam Chapter And Join The Fun!

You are surely missing out on a great Club benefit if you are not part of a local Good Sam chapter. Chapters are groups of members who like to camp together; but camping is just part of the fun. The camaraderie and friendships often grow into an extended part of your family. Community service is another aspect many chapter memberships offer. While having fun, chapters may participate in local civic events and fund raisers. You will find that joining a chapter is not only enjoyable, but another chance for you to use your Good Sam Club membership to its full extent.

So join our chapter family and start enjoying more wonderful camping experiences Camping with your friends and family… PRICELESS!! Join a WVGS Chapter today… Or start a new chapter!!

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  1. Phil Baker

    Interested in finding a chapter near Tomah Wi.

    Good Sam Says: If your looking for a chapter in your State, then I would recommend logging on to the Good Sam Website click on the community tab, then select your state and look for a chapter near you. If you can’t find one, there is a quick link to contact the State Director and they can assist you as well.

  2. Marcia and Tom

    We are beginners in the RV world. Well, not even that yet, but believe wholeheartedly we want to travel the road to national parks everywhere and need to listen to advise as to where to begin, esp when it comes to our first purchase; fifth wheel or Coach? We do not own an RV yet but attend Shows/conventions whenever we can to view what is available; we also ask many questions to learn.

    We plan to attend a Good Sam Rally soon, maybe in the April 2013 year coming up in NM. Is this a good idea? I am sure we will be overwhelmed w/ many varying opinions but welcome the chance to see and hear from many polished travelers.

    Marica and Tom

  3. Gerry West

    Would like to know: 1) Is there a chapter in Yuma, AZ? 2) Can someone contact us? 3) If there is a possibility of joining a chapter here?


    Gerry & Melanie West