Good Sam travel medical insurance is for ‘minor’ emergencies, too

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April 30, 2013

Claims story: Extreme adventure not required

Every so often, we hear stories about travelers whose travel medical insurance saved them from hefty medical bills after their extreme adventure took an unexpected turn. While this might make it seem as if this is the only time you need travel insurance, you do not have to be involved in high-risk activities to benefit from the protection it provides. Below is one example.

Before making their annual trek to northern Ontario, Jack and Melanie Anderson decided to activate their complimentary Good Sam 2-day travel medical insurance policy as a precaution. They also purchased top-up coverage for the extra days they would be away. Doing so turned out to be smart planning after the Andersons found themselves taking an unexpected side trip.

One day while hiking, Melanie slipped and fell, which resulted in a deep cut on her chin. Melanie’s injury was serious enough that she was taken to the hospital for treatment. While there, Jack called TIC’s Emergency Assistance to advise them of Melanie’s accident and let them know that she would need stitches, pain-killers and antibiotics.

TIC’s emergency assistance team walked the Andersons through how to make a claim. They also reassured them that TIC would be available to provide further assistance if they needed it. After the call ended, TIC made direct billing arrangements with the medical facility, so that Jack and Melanie would not have to dip in to their vacation budget to pay for Melanie’s treatment.

Melanie’s total hospital bill came up to $596.27. Thanks to their Good Sam travel medical coverage, the Andersons were only required to pay out-of-pocket for  prescription medication. TIC sent the Andersons the appropriate claims form while they were still on vacation, which enabled them to be reimbursed soon after.

With Melanie on her way to a full recovery, the Andersons were able to continue their vacation. Although the trip to the hospital was not  on the itinerary, their decision to buy travel insurance helped ensure that their stay in Canada was worth remembering – for all the right reasons.

Activate your Good Sam travel medical insurance before you visit Canada.

Plan features and benefits include:

  • Travel health and medical insurance
  • 24/7 multi-lingual emergency travel and medical assistance
  • Transportation home for medical emergencies
  • Emergency dental coverage
  • Access to medical professionals

Also available**:

  • Trip cancellation and interruption protection
  • Lost and damaged baggage coverage

For more information about your coverage options, call 1-888-237-1177.

Names are fictitious.

*Your complimentary Good Sam travel medical insurance is administered by TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators, a company that stands out with its 92 per cent overall customer satisfaction ratings and expert, personalized customer service.

**Additional fee applies. Please call 1-888-237-1177 for more details.

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