Getting Along – Part 3 – Tips from Bernice

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July 23, 2008

Today I am completing my top tips for making RV travel more enjoyable when traveling in groups. My hope is that by following the tips listed here, as well as those in Part 1 and 2, you’ll be able to confidently RV for extended trips with your loved ones.

  • It seems obvious, but tell your traveling companions about your telephone conversations that involve them. For example, when you call a friend that you all will visit, tell your traveling companions and give them any details they need to know. This way, everyone will be on the same wavelength.
  • Try to stick to your budget, but don’t get upset if your companion spends money on something you think is frivolous—the item could have a lot of meaning to the spender, now or later, or it could just be a “mad money” expenditure. You are already saving money by RV travel, so relax about what is spent on the trip.
  • Go where you and your companions want to go. The trip is an adventure, so if you think rock hunting is boring, but someone else wants to do it, try it.
  • Offer options instead of making demands. Instead of saying to your travel partner, “We have to go to the grocery store after breakfast,” say something such as, “Can we discuss when we can go to the grocery store next?” That way, you both have a voice in the decision.
  • I discovered that friendships flourished on the road when we (1) talked freely with one another about plans, routes and wishes; (2) were ready to depart on time; (3) looked on the positive side of what could be taken as negative words or incidents; (4) thanked one another for courtesies or work; (5) were willing to sightsee or follow a route that others chose; (6) helped to research places to see and things to do; (7) shared expenses willingly; (8) laughed or saw the funny side of words or happenings; (9) were willing to jump in and help with knowledge or labor as needed; and (10) accepted the other persons as they were, not as we thought they should be. The idea is for all to share in the jobs and joys of the trip together.
  • Remember that in the RV lifestyle, domestic duties know no gender. Everybody pitches in wherever necessary.

It’s the differences between all of us that make life interesting. Hopefully, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to celebrate the diversity that exists between you and your traveling companions and thereby create a more joyous journey!

Happy travels!

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  2. Brigitte

    Hi, thanks for some good, common sene advice that it never hurts to be reminded of and read, more?
    Brigitte and Dagmar