RV Today Archive – Quick Tips – Vice, Bed Support and Mat

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July 23, 2008

See how to create and adapt a traveling vice and working bench into your RV hitch receiver. You can also learn a way to strengthen the storage compartment support beneath the bed by using closet rod hangers and pvc pipe, cut to size. Finally, for those occasions where you need to get under the rig, the video recommends to carry a lightweight camping pad which can double for exercising.

Watch the video for a visual step by step demonstration on these quick tips. For more RV Today Quick Tips, click here.

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  3. Hawkman54

    One of the best things to work ALONG side the Awesome and Grease Lightning is the yellow teflon scrubbers used for your non-stick calphon pots. They will not scratch you paint. We used them to remove bugs from the windshields and paint on our aircraft, cars, and the other parts. They are in the mop and broom of your store. A wax that works great to remove the oxidation and return the shine is Starbrite marine polish. You can find this at Walmart or any marine/boat RV store.


  4. Bob Jamieson

    I have used Awesome and it really works. Another trick is to try non-scratching Comet or similar and I’ve found Greased Lightning works great also. For Awesom and Greased Lightning, wet a section down, spray some on your brush and brush it down and rinse. If some marks persist, spray some on a cloth and rub firmly then rinse.

  5. George

    Hi, Kristi. You might try some products in the RV or boating section at Walmart. I used 3M Fiberglass Cleaner & Wax on my rig and it worked very well. It’s for “lightly oxidized surfaces”. It might work on painted aluminum. BTW, the prices at Walmart certainly beat most RV dealers, if you can find what you want. Good luck.

  6. Lynne Caulkett

    Try AWESOME, a cleaning product from Dollar General. Cheap and works great! Some black streaks are just too old to be cleaned, but AWESOME does work wonders. I tried bleach and more expensive products and had just as much luck with AWESOME. Goodd luck.

  7. Kristi

    Oh__ and the black streaks too..how to get them out,also.

  8. Kristi

    Hi there. Sorry this is about another subject; I am in need of cleaning up an older Terry Travel Trailer. The aluminum siding has oxidized and the product I bought just doesn’t do anything…! My fear is I’ll buy numberous products and get no closer to my goal. Please spare me__the time,frustration and expense. Must ” measure-up” with my neighboors soon. Thank You