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April 12, 2009

Are you going to The Rally in Albuquerque?  If so, we’ll see you there!

My husband, Jim, and I are both computer geeks.  Supporting people and their computers and networks has been our profession since the early 80s.  Now we live in a motorhome and tour around the country giving computer seminars at rallies and RV parks.  So we call ourselves Geeks On Tour!

At The Rally, we’ll be giving four seminars.  The links below will take you to our Geeks on Tour website and the page devoted to that topic.  When we’re not in a seminar, we’ll be hanging out at the booth – #435 which is near the Internet Cafe.


THE Rally Seminar schedule:

If you don’t have a Blog – you really do need to come to the Every RVer Needs a Blog seminar!  It is so easy, we guarantee that you’ll be able to make a blog after attending this seminar.  We always get emails after the seminar from people who did just that.  Many of them are listed on our website at

And Google Earth … you’ve gotta see Google Earth!  It is so much more than just looking at satellite pictures of places you know – you can research destinations and record your travels to share with others.

High Speed Internet is everything you need to know about Satellite, Cellular and Wi-Fi.

And, last but definitely not least is Picasa!  If you’re not using Picasa for managing your photos, you need to see this.  It is SO much faster and easier to work with your photos using Picasa than any other program.  If you are using Picasa, you need to see this because it does a lot more than most people know.  How much does Picasa cost?  It’s free!  All the programs we teach are free programs available on the web.

You can also take our seminars home with you by purchasing the ‘Geek Bundle’ of tutorial videos on DVD and website membership.  You can pre-order the bundle and pick them up at the booth during the rally.

While you’re at The Rally, Internet access will be available in the Exhibit hall at the Internet Cafe.  You can use the Wi-Fi to get online with your laptop, or use the computers provided.  If you use the computers provided, be mindful of other people waiting to use them.  You’ll find the Internet cafe in the northeast corner of the Manuel Lujan Exhibit Hall … conveniently near the booth!  Make sure to stop by and see us.

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  3. A.W.Walker

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve been reading you for some time now, and you seem to share a lot of my approaches to adopting new technology, which is enthusiastic, but somewhat conservative when it comes to preserving one’s security and safety on the Internet.

    RV.Net and several of it’s bloggers are recently promoting the use of Facebook and Twitter among us readers. I have a natural resistance to using these technologies because of much publicized compromises of individuals’ personal information. While I’m not going to expect you to refute the direction of RV.Net, I’d still like to ask you for your best thought-out opinions for using the social networks with the idea of maximizing personal information integrity. Thanks!