FuelRV travel has become much more affordable with the recent downward spiral of oil prices. But you can further reduce your overall fuel expense to a substantial degree by doing a little planning and making some smart moves.

Even though fuel appears to be at bargain-basements prices, the per-gallon costs can vary greatly from one place to another. Sometimes this can be as much as 20 cents or more per gallon only 20 miles away. So whether you’re traveling from city to city, or from one state to another, significant price variance will be found. There are websites that you can check that will help you find the lowest price on your route.

Many discounts are available to the end user. The Good Sam Club’s Swipe and Save membership cards help travelers save significantly at Pilot Flying J locations across North America.

Then, of course, let’s not forget all the fuel-saving driving tips that we all practiced when the prices were so very high. Reducing road speeds and idling time can pay big savings in short order. Maintaining your engine and keeping it in top tune will produce optimum efficiency, leading to better performance and reduced fuel waste.

I crossed the country from the state of Washington to Florida in December 2015. I witnessed diesel fuel prices as high as $2.99 and as low as $1.92.  Generally, in my travels, $2.30/$2.40 seemed about average.  By studying and shopping the diesel prices along your intended travel route, you should have no problem reducing your fuel costs. Use the Good Sam Trip Planner, which includes a fuel calculator and indicates the locations Pilot Flying J Travel Centers and Travel Plazas across North America.  Following these money savings tips, hopefully you will have more to spend on entertainment and great meals. Enjoy!