RV campgroundAt the time I started PetTravelCenter.com, people were always telling me how difficult it was to find pet-friendly hotels when they travel with their pets. We filled that need by providing tens of thousands of pet-friendly accommodations around the world. Now, I’m hearing more stories about RV parks and campgrounds across the country that are opening pet-friendly areas where pets can play and exercise. I think that’s fantastic.

It’s no fun for our four-legged members of the family to stay cooped up inside the RV or tied up outside when they can romp and have fun. They need recreation and exercise just like the rest of us for healthier lives.

Some RV parks I’ve heard about offer pet-sitting services so folks can go sightseeing and visit places that may not permit pets. It’s reassuring to see these types of amenities beginning to take hold as more people take to the road with their special family members.

Do you have favorite RV parks and campgrounds that offer pet areas? Are there any that you particularly like that have special services such as pet-sitting? Sharing these locations with others will help all of us discover new and exciting places to visit and, more importantly, be great places for our pets we take along.

Happy Pet Travels!

Tom James


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  1. Nancy

    KOA-Fayetteville, NC. Already left a comment on another page. Wonderful fenced pet playground complete with balls, toys, water. Very clean. Campground staff very friendly. Nice place to stop on your way south.

  2. For those who can’t leave your pets behind here are some travel tips so visit your local pet supplies store:

    • Make sure your pet’s shots are up-to-date.
    • Do not administer any medication or treatments without first discussing them with your veterinarian.
    • Obtain documentation from your vet to show that your pet’s vaccinations are current, and that your companion is healthy.
    • If you are traveling to another country, check with that nation’s embassy.
    • Make sure your pets are wearing collars with current Identification tags.
    • Pack any medications your pet may be taking.
    • If you are traveling by automobile, think about the animal’s safety as well as your own.
    • Do not leave an animal unattended in a vehicle.
    • Check with the Airline Carrier for specific requirements when traveling with your pet.
    • Try to book a direct flight to your destination to eliminate additional stress by airline transfers.
    • Call your hotel/motel ahead to confirm that pets are accepted and if any additional fees are required.

    Good Dog Panda!!

  3. Marie

    We took our 3 dogs to 4 Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton, NC. (Just outside of Ashville,NC) It is actually a campground for the dogs!! Fantastic place for them to run off leash, swim, this is even dog agility there. We hiked with them in the mountain and they slept “like babies!” Great place for the dogs……….young children are not permitted here. The owners are great, very friendly and lots of pot luck suppers, etc.