ActionLineAfter purchasing a new GE refrigerator and having it installed in his 2008 Holiday Rambler, Good Sam member, Dave Keller, thought he was all set.    He was, until a moisture problem in the freezer section of the new refrigerator resulted in a warranty repair that required additional installation costs.

 I had a new GE refrigerator installed in my 2008 Holiday Rambler motor home  to replace the Dometic 4 door that died.  I chose GE as it basically fit the space.  The cost of the installation with cabinet work, etc was $1,000 plus the cost of the refrigerator.    There was a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the refrigerator and within a year, the ice make failed and needed to be replaced.   Then a moisture problem in the freezer section of the 2 door refrigerator resulted in an insulation problem caused by GE in the manufacture of the unit.  GE has replaced the unit, but would not cover the cost of re-installation, this time costing $700.00.  I have spoken with GE multiple times to attempt to acquire reimbursement for this second installation.  I have spoken to lots of folks, been promised return calls, and am still waiting.  I did not incorrectly manufacture the refrigerator, causing need for replacement, they did.  I feel they should pay the cost of the installation of the replacement refrigerator, as I have had to pay twice.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

After Good Sam Action Line contacted GE and received this reply from Julie Wood, Manager of appliances with GE.

 GE customer service contacted Dave Keller and has worked out an agreeable resolution that Mr. Keller has accepted.  Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention and for your support of GE Appliances.

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