Airstream RV Blog – The BEST Disney Ride from Sean Michael on Vimeo.

This is a true story. A friend of mine recently took his two children (ages 7 and 12) for a stay at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. This wasn’t their first family vacation at Disney’s RV Mecca. In fact, they went last year.

What’s amazing is not that the kids begged for a return to the Land of Mickey. Rather, it’s that upon arrival, they begged not to leave the campground! Their parents happily agreed, enjoying a family vacation at Disney World without once entering the theme parks.

Fort Wilderness is one of the best managed campgrounds you’ll ever visit. It’s spotless, boasting asphalt clean enough for fine dining. There’s also a surprising amount of privacy here. Credit must go to the original designers who laid out the campsites with great foresight, and then followed through with lush landscaping. In fact, I daresay the campground design is superior to what we saw inside some of our national parks. Fort Wilderness makes Yellowstone’s Fishing Bridge seem like a Wal-Mart parking lot.

And yet, from any campsite, a myriad of activities are a short bike ride away. There are any number of things to do at Fort Wilderness that extend beyond the scope of today’s video. You can rent boats, kayaks, play tennis, parasail, horseshoes, shuffleboard, fish, or take a carriage ride.

There are a couple of restaurants on the property, at least one of which includes a large stuffed grizzly bear. There’s also the option of after dinner entertainment with Mickey’s seal of approval (the so-called Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue).

A few years ago, if you’d asked me to name the best ride at Walt Disney World, I probably would’ve chosen amongst several favorites. While you can make a strong case for an old school ride like Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the newcomers like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster probably would’ve been my choice.

But after our recent stay at Fort Wilderness, I have to side with my friend’s children. The best ride at Disney World is people powered … and it has two wheels.

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  3. I’ve been visiting Disney World almost every year since I was eight. Ft. Wilderness makes me wish my parents had owned a camper when I was a kid because it really is that much fun. Like our video shows, just riding your bike can be a great adventure. It almost makes you feel like you’re “living” at Disney World…and it just doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂

  4. Thanks Patricia! Renting bikes is a great idea. A lot of people at Fort Wilderness also rent golf carts, but they are expensive and lack the exercise upside of bikes.

    Kristy and I love the real London. And when we’re at Epcot, we always stop by the Rose & Crown Pub for a spot of fish & chips! Good stuff…

    Cheers, Sean

  5. Patricia Whittaker

    I forgot to say–just LOVE the Airstream!!

  6. Patricia Whittaker

    The video really showed it for what it is-loved it.
    Last year we hired bikes at The Fort Wilderness Campground–what a great ride. Being from the UK we don`t have great RVs like you do. We’ll definately be doing it again this year.

  7. Thanks Jason! That was really my goal for the video, to offer an idea of what Fort Wilderness is really like. We’ve stayed there on four separate occasions during our “long, long honeymoon” so we’ve gotten to know it pretty well. It seems there’s always something happening at the campground, and yet it somehow remains a relaxing place.

    My only complaint, FYI, is about wifi access. Someone needs to tell Mickey that we all want reliable, fast, and (dare I say it) free Internet access. Hey, if Panera Bread can offer it, so can the Mouse.

    But Internet issues aside, fear not — you will have a great time at Fort Wilderness.

  8. Jason B.

    I’m going to Disney Fort Wilderness! Great video. I’ve been to the other Disney parks but never Fort Wilderness. Now that I have a clear idea of what’s going on there, it seems very relaxing and enjoyable.

    Next trip, going to Fort Wilderness. Thanks for this great video & tips Sean. You Rock, like a….rock?