Last week, I presented to you a special exhibit currently going on at the Canadian Children’s Museum located inside the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  Today, I want to present you the rest of the Canadian Children’s Museum – more specifically its permanent exhibitions.

When the kids enter the magical world of the Children’s Museum, you can expect an around the world tour as well as fun things to do.    Not only your child will receive a special passport which you can stamp as you explore the Children’s Museum but he/she will have the opportunity to experiments first things with various settings.

Right from the start, your child will have the opportunity to discover the world of performing arts with numerous costumes and experiment with lighting and sounds.   From there, a whole world opens up to the kids.   They can go from one station to the other to explore an Egyptian pyramid, the market Bazaar which includes not only international food but a currency exchange booth as well.   At the Port of Entry, you can explore a cargo ship and operate a crane to help unload the cargo.   You can visit homes from around the world, build a new house, explore the restaurant business,  travel by on an Indian bus and even discover toys from the past.

IMG_8400  IMG_8401

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IMG_8469  IMG_8472

The museum is not big but could help you to entertain your kids during a rainy day or an extremely hot day (like the ones we are having these days…).   Besides, once you got your ticket to explore the Children’s Museum, you can also explore the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  And don’t forget the special exhibition – The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head.

Next week: Exploring Canadian History at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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