Cooking is one of my favorite things to do in my nice kitchen with plenty of counter space at our home, but cooking in the RV can sometimes be a challenge. I’m sort of notorious for getting every pot and pan in the whole kitchen dirty. Let’s face it, most of our RV kitchens are lacking, and especially lacking in counter space. There are a few tricks I can recommend from experience that can help get past this problem. If you can really put on a show and sigh some and talk about how you’d really like to be able to make that perfect pot roast, but, oh gosh it’s so hard to work in this space but it sure would be good and anyway and soooooooo, what are you doing right now, honey? In our RV, this usually gets him interested in a really good meal that might make it to the tiny dining table from the tiny easy bake size oven and kitchen, if he helps. What form this usually takes in our traveling circus show is his following me around the tiny kitchen cleaning up messes as I make them. This is a huge help and can actually motivate me to gourmet things up a bit. I’ve really gotten a kick out of that cookbook, Cooking on the Road with Celebrity Chefs. There are some fun things to try and the cookbook does a good job being sensitive about fewer ingredients and the easy bake oven sizes we have in our RVs. It can be really fun to make an unexpected meal from your RV kitchen. Find this cookbook and other helpful camping publications at Woodall’s online bookstore.

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  1. JJLamphear

    Debbie, Love all your ideas! Another item ALL RV’ers (and non RV’ers) should check out. I have an American made set of Waterless/Greaseless Cookware. Great for Rving. Stores compactly, uses little to NO water to cook and clean up. It’s 7 layers of high quality metals so it uses very little energy to cook. Worth the investment!! JJ Hayward,WI