Oregon Good Sam member Jimmie Smith asked Action Line to help out when the dealer and manufacturer of his new toy hauler didn’t fix the problems with his mattress and sleeper-sofa.

We own a 2013 Eclipse Attitude toy hauler that we bought new on April 28, 2012, from Guaranty RV in Junction City, Oregon. We’ve had two warranty issues that the maker, Eclipse RV Manufacturing of Riverside, California, and Guaranty have been unwilling or unable to fix to our satisfaction.

First, the mattress on the queen-size bed completely broke down after only five days of use. The only way to get on it is to swing your legs onto the foot of the bed, and then one person has to scoot over to the back of the mattress. The quality of this mattress isn’t high enough to let this happen with repeated use.

Second, when we got home, I opened the back door to unload our ATVs and found that the electric sleeper-sofa had powered down on top of one of the ATVs. It did this with quite a lot of force, as the drive chain had backed-up slack and the ATV tires were almost flattened. This bent the frame of the sleeper-sofa but fortunately didn’t cause permanent damage to the ATV or the floor of the trailer.

There was enough pressure from the sleeper-sofa that I couldn’t get the hairpin keepers out of the pins and had to remove the four bolts that hold the track mounts to the framework. I had my son and grandson help me remove the sofa and frame, unload the ATVs and reinstall everything.

I asked Guaranty to get authorization from Eclipse to replace the mattress, the bent sofa frame and the back cushion where it had been torn and stretched from powering down on the top of the ATV. For safety, I also asked that Guaranty get authorization to install an on/off toggle in the control panel ahead of the bed control to act as a cutoff switch.

Eclipse denied the replacement requests but did authorize Guaranty to install a disconnect switch at the back of the trailer. I do not think this is acceptable.

After Action Line contacted Eclipse RV Manufacturing on Jimmie Smith’s behalf, Good Sam received the following thank-you note from Smith:

Thanks for the help, Good Sam. Danny Zacarius from Eclipse RV sent the replacement parts that we requested, and on March 5, 2013, Guaranty installed the new sleeper-sofa and front bed mattress. Again, thanks to Good Sam and your Action Line for helping make this possible.

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