Another Dispute Settled

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February 28, 2014

ActionLineWhile traveling through Madison, Wisconsin, last spring, Good Sam Club member Winifred Codd stopped to browse the new RVs at Jerry’s Camping Center. Codd was so impressed with the layout of one particular travel trailer, she purchased it on the spot and towed it home to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. All was well until she arrived with the trailer back in Sequim.

When we got home, a family member noticed that the tires on the right side of our new Gulf Stream Visa were worn out and determined that the axles were out of alignment. I notified Jerry’s Camping Center, and they assured me that Gulf Stream stood by its products. I was asked for photos of the damage, which I sent, but nothing has been resolved yet, and we’ve now discovered that the slide-out leaks when it rains.

When Codd was unable to get the manufacturer to cover the repairs, she contacted Good Sam Action Line. Action Line then sent Gulf Stream a petition on Codd’s behalf and received the following reply from Tony Suddon, Gulf Stream’s director of consumer affairs:

Thank you for contacting Gulf Stream Coach and bringing Ms. Codd’s trailer concerns to our attention. I will be in touch with Ms. Codd right away to discuss any outstanding warranty issues she may have with our product.

Not long after hearing from Suddon, Action Line received the following thank-you note from Winifred Codd: We received a check from Gulf Stream for $689.56. Even though the check was for just over half of our expenses to repair the trailer, we have decided to accept because that is all they are willing to send. We are extremely grateful for the part you played in persuading them to do something for us. You are doing a great job for your members.

Since 1981, the Good Sam Club’s Action Line has helped resolve thousands of disputes between members and businesses. If you have an RV-related consumer issue and would like assistance from Good Sam Club, contact Action Line.

Gulf Stream responded providing additional comments to the final resolution: Gulf Steam confirms that they did reimburse this customer 100% of the axle repairs and 100% of the slide out repairs. Gulf Stream noted that the additional cost the customer asked for was the cost of installing an aftermarket slide out topper. Per Gulf Stream, “This item was not needed for repair and we were never contacted about installing this item until after repairs were done.”

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