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March 20, 2012

When Good Sam member James Nees’ service plan didn’t cover his stuck slide-out, he turned to Action Line for help:

 We have a 2005 Georgetown 323 motorhome by Forest River with 15,586 miles on it. Last July, the hydraulic rams on the 12-foot slide-out failed to retract because they had bowed down. We had to call our service provider, Coach-Net, to come out and put the slide in at a cost of $115.

We then took the motorhome to RV America to have the slide-out repaired. They called the claim in to Interstate Star RV, provider of our Diamond Service RV protection program, which refused to cover the repair because RV America couldn’t give them a reason for the rams bending. If there isn’t a reason for the rams bending, then it must be equipment failure.

We were charged $807 plus tax for the repair. The motorhome has never been in an accident, and the slide has never hit anything. Hopefully, you can help us to recover the costs.

James Nees, Elizabeth, Colorado

After Action Line contacted Star RV and requested a review of James Nees’ claim, Good Sam received the following letter from the risk management team at Interstate National Dealer Services:

 In the situation at hand, it appears that the repair facility, RV America, called in to report the claim. It was noted that the unit had an issue with the slide-out rams on the living room slide-out. It was reported that both of the cylinders were bowed. As of the last conversation in August 2011, the repair facility had not given a cause of failure that we require to determine coverage of a failure.

We received a call from the customer the same day, and he stated that he had tried to get this repaired on several occasions. The repair facility would adjust it, and it would work for one or two times and would do it again.

That was the last contact we had and have not denied the claim. We were waiting on the cause of failure. After reviewing all of the given information, the repair facility has confirmed that there were no signs of impact or damage that could have been caused by the customer.

I have since contacted Mr. Nees and advised him that we will reimburse him for the money he laid out to replace the two slide cylinders. I received the invoice, and the reimbursement is being processed. We regret any inconvenience that was caused with this matter.

Since 1981, the Good Sam Club’s Action Line has helped resolve thousands of disputes between members and businesses. If you have an RV-related consumer issue and would like assistance, contact Action Line.

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  1. Where are gas stations along I-75 where a 35′ motorhome towing a tow dolly can safely drive in with no problem to fill his gas tank. Most of the stations with easy drive ups are with diesel pumps.

  2. Bill Miller

    Hi there;
    I am very new to camping, and in fact I have never been to any campgrounds. I have recently obtained a VERY OLD and dilapidated Lil Hobo 21 foot camper. I have had to practically gut the entire interior , and I will have to replace some of the siding skin.All this is not a great problem for me, however I do have some rather pressing issues.
    What does “Full Hook Ups” mean at any given campground? is a sewerage hook up normally included?
    Is a pressurized water system needed on board or can I simply use the campground water supply?
    As near as I can tell the Lil Hobo had 3 single bunks. Two on each side in the front and one opposite the sink, range, refrigerator, with an expandable table between the two front bunks. Of course it appears that there was storage under the bunks, and the water tank may have been located under one of the bunks.
    I have a picture of a SALEM 22RBXL CRUISE LINER that has almost the identical floor plan, except for the bed and dinette. I am going to basically use this floor plan for my Lil Hobo, but I really ned to know if a septic tank is necessary and if a potable water tank is necessary.
    Thanks, Bill Miller

    Good Sam says: Bill, welcome to the RV lifestyle! These are all great questions. We have forwarded your questions onto Bob Livingston who is the writer of the Tech Topics column in Highways magazine. Bob is very knowledgeable about the technical ins and outs of the RV lifestyle, so he should email your answers to your questions within a couple of weeks. Thanks for being a Good Sam member!

  3. La Mesa RV in Tucson is not the only poor RV repair in Tucson AZ. A few years back we took our Holiday rambler to Pdata in Tucson AZ. because we had a new motorhome that had a leak in the fresh water connection that grew black mold. I cleaned the floor but the coach had a bad smell because of the mold. They contacted the manufacturer and they replaced the carpet which was thinner causing the bedroom door to come loose when driving, the boom that it caused was quite loud and alarming the first time it occurred. The carpet was like sand paper on our feet and it still smelled. We took it elsewhere they could find no more mold. Holiday Rambler said they would not pay for anymore repairs for this. Another customer was walking through the office the person helping us asked him what he thought. He inspected our coach and said we should get it professionally cleaned. That did the trick, but we had to pay for it. We had to pay for 30 amp power line and the tow chains power plug etc. that went missing during the vacation our coach spent visiting that rv shop. All because nobody knew mold spores stink and carpets walls bed linens all needed to be washed, not replaced.

  4. Roy Nichols

    I am the owner of a Safari Serengeti and attempted to order a digital satalite from camping world when we were in Washington State about a month ago. Per your advertising as members of Good Sam we were supposed to get 30% at Camping World. We could not get the 30% of on line, so we called the local Camping World and were told they were not setup to do that yet and refused to give us the 30% off. Needless to say we did not order anything from them.

    Good Sam says: Roy, please accept our most sincere apologies for the confusion. We would like to check into your issue further as all Camping World SuperCenters should be set up to honor sale prices as well as give the customer their regular discounts. Good Sam members save at least 10% every day at Camping World SuperCenters and through Mail Order, and more if items are on sale. Please email [email protected] along with your member information and we will check into this right away. Also, can you tell us some things about the products? 1) Name/SKU item 2) Price advertised. Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this issue and for being a Good Sam member!

  5. Floyd Folwick

    I am an owner of a Forest River Georgetown and the slides are driving me crazy. I am interested in Joe Humpfer’s comment. I would like to know which retaining nut he is adjusting. Mine acts up every time I use it. Unfortunately, my dealer does not have a useful service center so I am learning how to do it myself.

  6. Terry LaBeau

    Had recall done on our Dometic frig in 2010 and ever since when bulb in frig is in, then frig won’t go below 45 degrees. Replaced switch per Dometic tech support ($23.00) still same problem. Recall done by LaMesa RV Tucson who claims the recall had nothing toi do with the switch. When the bulb is out the frig cools just fine 34 to 36 degrees. This is one of the many problems I have had with the service at LaMesa/Tucson. Each and every time they claim it is not there fault, anyone ever had this problem and got it fixed, what was the cause/solution.

  7. Arthur S. Abrams

    John Knight-Less be fair, Does your Coach-Net contract say it covers your
    chair lift? Ours does not, But we know if they can they will help us find some
    one who will repair the lift at our expense
    We also know that when we had a flat and a very expensive tow that Coach-Net
    paid it all, per contract.

  8. Dennis Marshall

    After fighting a drafty heavy slide out with it’s finicky mechianism, we just gave up on them.
    We now have an older Bounder with no slide outs, and love it. About the only thing it does not have is the dance floor in the middle of the coach.

  9. Joe Humpfer

    We have experienced failer of our slide out in our 2011 Puma Unleashed fifth wheel by Forest River. We have been able to get ours to work by backing off the retainer nut and the can back about 3/4 of a turn.

    I now carry a pipe wrench and larger adjustable cresent wrenches to make the adjustment.

    We had the can replaced under warrantee and hope that this will be the end of it. But it seems that this may be a Forest River ongoing mechanizm problem.

  10. John Knight

    When I started to read this I thought the complaint was going to be about Coach-Net charging for the call out. I had a similar situation when a wheelchair lift I have got stuck and we couldn’t move. Coach-Net found someone they could send but told me I would have to pay the full cost (estimated at $250) . Luckily I got free help at the campground but I will not be renewing my Coach-Net.

  11. Richard Heideman

    I ordered an Item #7538 on 11/5/11 and have not received it. I have contacted Camping World
    three times and everytime I get the same answer. Its on the next shipment.
    I have purchased quite a few items and if this is the way they do business I can always
    find someone that will take my money.

    Good Sam says: Richard – we would like to check into this further and find out when your order will be shipped and what has caused the unusual delay. Please email [email protected] along with your Good Sam member information and order number, and we will check into this right away. Thanks for your patience as we check into the situation.