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June 28, 2012

Good Sam member Patrick Lee wrote the following to Action Line: “I noticed that the front driver’s side wheel seal was leaking on my motorhome. Freightliner of Savannah replaced the seal and bearing. When I contacted ACC Warranty Group, Steve Burgess indicated that he would send a check for $500 to cover the repairs. I never received the $500.”

Action Line Resolves Another RV Dispute

Ohio Good Sam member Patrick Lee recently turned to Action Line for help in recovering reimbursement from his extended warranty provider:

In June 2010, I purchased an extended warranty from ACC Warranty Group. This is four-year unlimited mileage coverage. On September 28, 2011, I noticed that the front driver’s side wheel seal was leaking on my motorhome. Freightliner of Savannah replaced the seal and bearing. When I contacted ACC Warranty Group, Steve Burgess told me ACC wouldn’t cover the repairs because I hadn’t packed the wheel bearings or serviced the coach properly. I argued with Steve about packing the bearings, since the 2006 chassis has a wheel oil-bath system and doesn’t require grease packing, and I sent him copies of my maintenance receipts. Steve finally indicated that he would send a check for $500 to cover the repairs and the cost of one night in a hotel. (We weren’t allowed to stay in the coach the night it was at Freightliner of Savannah.) He did say that this would be a one-time payment and he wouldn’t cover any other wheel-bearing problems. I never received the $500 and would appreciate any help Good Sam Action Line can provide.

Patrick Lee, Cincinnati, Ohio

After sending a copy of the complaint and related receipts to ACC Warranty Group, Action Line received the following letter from Patrick Lee:

Thank you for your assistance with our problem collecting on our insurance claim. We received a check from ACC Warranty Group in the amount of $500. We appreciate your help.

Since 1981, the Good Sam Club’s Action Line has helped resolve thousands of disputes between members and businesses. If you have an RV-related consumer issue and would like assistance, contact Action Line.

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  1. Marty D

    I think the problem is not the warrenties but the rv’s! If they built better motorhomes we wouldnt be so dependent on haveing a warrenty. I used acc and good sam before with similar results and the acc is way less expensive

  2. Paul Burke

    Jerry Brown is correct in stating that procedures should be followed. But in this case, Patrick Lee got the company rep to commit to sending a check to cover the cost and a hotel night. So, this is not a matter of not following procedures; it is a matter of a company’s employee making a commitment to do something and then backing out. I notice that when Patrick finally got his check, it was only for the repair and not for the hotel night. This extended warranty company is just another bad warranty company, happy to take your money but not too happy to see you after that. I wish Action Line would publish a list of all the extended warranty companies it has had to send complaints to on behalf of Good Sam members. We could use that list as a guideline of which companies to avoid in the future and, I bet, things would get a lot quieter around the Action Line desk.

  3. Linda

    Jerry Brown is right that sometimes the issue is not following the process, and that’s fine and good if the process only takes a few minutes or I’m at home with time to wade through a process. If I’m stranded on the side of the road (even in my car) or in a trailer park miles from home I don’t have the luxury of dealing with filing a claim and spending days going through all the processes. The information in the actual post makes it sound more like the warranty companies just don’t want to live up to their promises when they take your money. If there are exclusions like wheel seals, restrictions on which places they allow to do the work or not even providing a per diem if you can’t stay in your motor home while the work is being done that should all be identified up front.

  4. Jerry Brown

    I have used Good Sam, the ACC Warranty, and the Star Warranty over the years for my 10 or 11 motorhomes. They all have a process to follow and most problems come from people not following the process. I follow the instructions to the T and get my claims approved with no problems.

    I was a State Farm agent for 33 years and would have people take their car to the body shop for repair without calling us first to start a claim and then wonder why we denied the claim – these policies are the same. Call and file a claim FIRST and THEN take it to the dealer.

  5. R. Ridgway

    I, too, have been camping for over 40 years, and everything L. Zarling said is absolutely true! My last trailer was a Fleetwood product. Adequate design; horrible workmanship! They deserved to go out of business.

  6. L. Zarling

    Readers of:
    Motorhome, Trailer Life, Good Sam publications, Family Motor Coach publication and any other RV publications should demand that the RV manufacturing industry get their act together pretty quick. I have been an RVer for 40 years and have owned all types of RVs. Whether new or used I have experienced problems with everyone of them as a result of poor manufacturing and inadequate warranties. If they were automobile manfactures they would have been out of business years ago. Cars now a days are reliable and 10 times as good as any RV; their warranties are an example. I even have had a RV manufacturer tell me the same thing, because they get a hodge podge of various pieces from a host of other manufacturers that generally don’t stand behind those pieces. People should complain alot lot lot more, because these publications do not tell the REAL story; because of their advertising dollars. When is the RV industry ever going to straighten up ?????

  7. Dick Grommes

    Why does there always have to people in positions of authority that always make people with valid claims jump through hoops? They beg to litagated. Straighten up and act like it’s happening to you.