One of the most important components of a successful camping or RV trip is food. If you are looking for a new idea for a delicious hot camping meal one filling suggestion is a breakfast burrito. Though the name implies this is a morning meal, our family has enjoyed them at all times of the day for all types of meals.Camping Breakfast Burrito


  • Eggs (two per person)
  • Meat (this can be ham, bacon, sausage, beef; our favorite is chicken)
  • Potatoes (either whole potatoes, cut small, or hash browns)
  • Onion, to taste
  • Chiles or chile sauce
  • Cheese (we like to use a shredded low fat Mexican cheese combination)
  • Tortillas, either 8 or 10 inch, as desired (we prefer the whole wheat, low carb variety)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Sour cream if desired

Directions:Camping Breakfast Burrito

Put eggs in a bowl and scramble with a fork. Lightly scramble them on stove top.

Cut up meat and sauté until cooked, adding seasonings as desired

Sauté potatoes with onion until they are cooked and browned. We like to use refrigerated “Simply Natural” potatoes, hash brown-style. Never frozen, they are, as the name implies, just potatoes, cut into hash brown size and ready to cook. They are delicious in breakfast burritos!

Green Chile Sauce

Green Chile Sauce

If using chopped chiles, add to hash browns to heat. If using chile sauce, simply heat before adding to burrito. If you prefer, you may eliminate the chiles entirely, but you are missing out a delicious addition to the burrito.

When all ingredients are prepared or heated, begin assembling the burrito. Heat tortilla either on stove or in microwave for 15 seconds to make it easy to fold. Divide eggs among tortillas, then add meat, potatoes and cheese. Spoon chile sauce over burrito. (If you are using chiles, they have already been added to your hashbrowns). Finally, create burrito shape by folding bottom up first, then folding over sides. If desired, add sour cream.

This is a meal that it is easy to personalize for each family member Camping Breakfast Burritowithout too much difficulty. You could make one with chicken, one with ham and a third with sausage. You could easily eliminate chiles on one while adding them to the other. Everyone may eat their favorite!

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