RV Trivia Challenge 8, How Well Do You Know RVing?

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December 24, 2009

ThinkerI hope you are enjoying the holiday season. I thought this may be a good time to sharpen those RV skills, in as much as you have time digesting that turkey dinner.

The Lug Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 8 will test your skills on a variety of RV related topics.  Whenever a broad base of topics are presented, it becomes difficult to know the answers for all the questions.  Please remember, this is trivia, requiring some guess work on occasion.   Get a pen and paper so that you can record your answers.  Upon completion, you can check your answers with those shown at the bottom.  Good luck.

So, let’s give it a try!

1) You are temporarily lost on a back road while driving your RV to the west coast.  It is too cloudy to determine if you are heading west and your compass is inoperative.  You notice an aircraft passing overhead at a very low altitude.  You then see a runway directly on your right as the plane passes overhead from your left to your right.  It touches down on the runway stretching away from you to the right.  You observe the numbers 27 on the concrete of the runway just about where the plane touched down.  In what direction are you currently driving?

A)   North

B)    West

C)    East

D)   South

E)    Information supplied does not provide a definitive answer

2) The popular Power Stroke diesel engine is used in many RV tow vehicles and is seen in campgrounds throughout the country.   What manufacturer makes that great engine?

A)   International

B)    Ford

C)    Allison

D)   Detroit Diesel

E)    Power Stroke Company

3) If you were taking an RV trip across Canada, from east to west, and had just entered Ontario from Quebec on the Trans-Canada Highway, how many miles will you have to drive to cross into the next province, Manitoba?  (The preferred South Route)

A)   About 500 miles

B)    About 700 miles

C)    About 900 miles

D)   About 1000 miles

E)    About 1400 miles

4) Driving your RV at 80 MPH would probably be an unsafe practice, but it may be, at least for automobiles, legal on specific highways in what two states?

A)   Nebraska and Montana

B)    Nevada and Montana

C)    Texas and Utah

D)   New Mexico and Arizona

E)    None of the states

5) Big is always good.  What is the longest length motor home ever built by Winnebago?

A)   42 feet

B)    40 feet

C)    38 feet

D)   45 feet

E)    47 feet

6) If you were travelling with your RV through Canada and came upon a bridge marked 10 Tonne, and your RV weighed 23,500 lbs., would you proceed to cross it?

A)   Yes, a tonne is metric for 2000 kg or some 4,400 lbs.

B)    No, your vehicle is over weight for the bridge by 1,460 lbs.

C)    No, your vehicle is over weight for the bridge by 3,500 lbs.

D)   The sign is not about weight, it’s about maximum width.

E)    Yes, the word tonne refers to payload weight only.

7) The famous words “Fort Sumter has been fired upon” was at the start of the Civil War.  If part of your RV vacation wanted to include a tour of this fort, what city would you be headed?

A)   Charleston, South Carolina

B)    Atlanta, Georgia

C)    St. Augustine, Florida

D)   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

E)    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

8) The photo to the left attracts many RVers.  What city is it?

A)   Galveston, Texas

B)    Houston, Texas

C)    New Orleans, Louisiana

D)   Montreal, Quebec, Canada

E)    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

9) Standing on the deck of the aircraft carrier The Intrepid, at the sea, air and space museum, you are apt to meet other RVers like yourself.  This attraction is worth the trip.  Where is this great attraction?

A) Norfolk, Virginia

B) New York City, New York

C) Charleston, South Carolina

D) Miami, Florida

E) Los Angeles, California

10) The unusual class A motor home, come boat, in the photo to the left, is certainly a rare sight in any campground.  What is it and when did they first debut?

A)   Terra Craft, 2006

B)    Terra Sport, 2004

C)    Terra Coach, 2007

D)   Terra Wind, 2008

E)    Terra Wind, 2003

So, how did you do? Find out by checking your answers with the ones found below.  Don’t forget to post your score and share your thoughts in the comments section at the far bottom.

With Your Trivia Questions    –     Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer



1)     – (D) All runways are numbered using their magnetic direction from each end.  27 is 270 degrees magnetic, or directly west.  Therefore, if it is directly to your right, you are currently headed south.

2) – (A) The popular Ford engine is made by NaviStar, a division of International.

3) – (E) It is 1400 plus miles to cross Ontario on the south route of the Trans-Canada Highway and about 1275 miles via the north route.

4) – (C) West Texas and Utah both have sections on their interstate highways that have posted speed limits of 80 MPH.

5) – (A)  At 42′ the 2010 Itasca Ellipse is the longest motor home ever made by Winnebago.

6) – (B) A tonne is metric measure for 1000 Kg or 2,204 lbs.  This would rate the bridge at 22,040 lbs.  Your vehicle, at 23,500 lbs. is over the rated capacity.

7) – (A) Fort Sumter can be visited via a boat tour found in Charleston, South Carolina.

8) – (C) The photo is “The Big Easy”, New Orleans.

9)     – (B) The Intrepid is located in New York Habor.

10)  – (E) The Terra Wind amphibious motor home was unveiled in 2003.

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