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To Your Health – Stay Active

Staying Active and Involved Improves the Quality of RV Living By Phil Willen “So, would you rather give you money to a doctor?” a wise lady once replied to me in response to my complaining about money spent on a vacation, her point being the most important thing in life is your health. Everything else

Take one and call your doctor in the morning?

By Lynn Difley We are taking a two-week holiday in England, staying in a converted barn and enjoying tramping around the Cotswolds. Today we visited a village that is popular with tourists and I was delighted at the number of senior citizens enjoying the scenery. We saw tour buses unload vast numbers of the silver

National Start Walking Day

By Lynn Difley Hey! We have a big event coming up, it’s my husband’s birthday today. So I want everyone to celebrate with him. It just so happens that the heart association feels the same way, they have declared this day, April 8, a very special day. They decided to celebrate by designating a national