3 Tips for Leash-Walking Your Camping Cat

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June 12, 2018

Leash walk your camping cat

Leash walk your camping cat and explore the outdoors together.

Congratulations on deciding to take your camping cat RVing. It’s a big step, but once your traveling kitty approves of the routine, it won’t be long until she gains enough confidence to explore the big world outside the RV. Allowing her to explore it on a leash is a logical next step, but don’t do it until you follow our top three tips to leash-walk your camping cat in RV parks and campgrounds.

Leash walk your camping catGet in the feline frame of mind

“It’s not like walking a dog,” this RVer told us when we spotted her beautiful cat sauntering through a Southern California campground. “You go where they want to go, not where you want them to go.”

The RVer discovered the truth about walking a leashed cat in the outdoors. Your only role is to make sure your cat isn’t harmed by predators. The cat chooses the route and the adventure, you just go where she wants to sniff, scratch and soak up sunbeams.

Leash-Walk Your Camping Cat with the Right Gear

Don’t take your cat outside until you have a cat collar with current ID tags, a secure walking harness made for cats and a leash you can handle with ease. Never use dog gear like pet collars, harnesses and leashes. Canine gear doesn’t work well with cats of any size and can even put your cat’s safety at risk, since most cats can escape from the larger, bulkier dog-specific items.

Wait for the Right Time of Day

Walking your cat on leash at a campground takes planning. Get out and explore during the quietest times of the day, either early in the morning or when dogs go home after their morning walks. As you stroll around, stay alert for any predators that might surprise your cat and cause stress — or worse! Make the walk a pleasant experience and your cat is likely to want to try it again and again.

Once you get outside, start your cat’s new leash walking life slowly and mindfully. Not all cats are enthusiastic about being leashed, but many learn to love it. When yours grows to enjoy the outdoor strolls around the neighborhood, you’ll enjoy a whole new way of experiencing travel adventures through the eyes of your camping cat.

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— Text and photos by Rene Agredano

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  1. I don’t usually have my cat on a leash. Hence I prefer leaving her home with my neighbour. I guess now I can use these tips to try bringing her along. Let’s see ! Thanks for the tips.