It’s the next question after where are we going? And since I don’t want to disappoint, I do try to put some thought into what will be on the menu for the trip.

waffle with fresh plum jam

waffle with fresh plum jam

Last trip we were out for 5 nights, so I did some serious meal planning, nothing difficult to cook, but still tempting to the taste buds. Waffles with homemade plum jelly were a hit and a little less sticky then regular maple syrup, plus it’s a little something different then what we have when we’re home. Just remember to add waffle maker on your list of what to put in the camper.

As always, the crock-pot made my life easier. I made sausage sandwiches for the older members of the family.

sausage sandwich

easy dinner in the crock pot

Just take your Italian sausage, cut into lengths the size of the sandwich roll and place them on the bottom of the crock-pot. Then toss in slices of onions and peppers (I cheated on the peppers and bought precut frozen ones from the grocery store) Then just top it all off with a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce. I put it on high for 5 hours and dinner is ready. An added bonus, the camper smelled great that day!!!!

sitting at the table

family and friends at the dinner table

My family tells me I’m a pretty good cook, and who am I to argue? But I have to admit, the food just seems to taste better when we’re camping. I don’t know if it’s because we’re eating outside or maybe because there’s no rush to eat dinner and hurry out to work or some other activity that has to be done right that minute. But I do know I enjoy sitting at the picnic table, chatting with my family and cherishing the little moments that make a trip so special.

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