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April 15, 2008

RSS feeds for some 2,900 destinations were recently released in the MyTripJournal system, allowing you to subscribe to real travelers’ Trip Journal entries specific to say, Grand Canyon National Park, Las Vegas or Atlantic Canada. Subscribing is easy and free, and can be done from Good Sam Club’s ‘Explore’ pages or similar pages on or its partner sites.

What do the feeds consist of?

These feeds are a simple way for people to follow frequently updated content. In this case, we aggregate the Trip Journal entries of many different travelers keeping Trip Journals for a common destination. Journal entries must meet specified rules to be included: for instance, entries must be on public journals, contain content of a certain length and include a map point within the relevant RSS area.

RSS Feeds

Each feed begins with the title and a snippet of the relevant entry article. Entries are then sorted with the most recent at the top . Here is the most current content from the Grand Canyon feed. Click on the title of any Entry that is enticing, to see the full article and associated photos, videos and a link back to the traveler’s Trip Journal homepage:

  • Grand Canyon!
    We made it to the Grand Canyon around 5pm. Amazing! We hiked around for an hour, shopped for chatzkes and hit the road again. Trying to make it to Gallup NM tonight. Weather throughout the California and Arizona Deserts was a dry, warm 85. It cooled off to 55 up at 6,000 feet when we hit the Grand Canyon. Sunny skies everywhere!…

  • Quartzsite to Grand Canyon and Sun Valley
    Spent the last 4 days at Williams, exploring some of the area. Went to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, stopping at the National Geographic Visitor Center (which actually just consisted of a gift shop, restaurant, IMAX Theater and a place to buy your passes to get into the park). We have our Golden Access pass (because we’re so OLD) so we don’t have to pay to get into National Parks, etc. After we got…
  • Grand Canyon
    It was suggested to us that we take the train from Williams, AZ up and back to the Grand Canyon…as awesome and fun as it sounded the price was a bit high so we decided to create our own adventure and head up there on our own! Before we go on there’s just something we should mention…it’s freakin’ cold at the Grand Canyon this time of year! Sadly we were warned but being Alaskan we figured ‘How cold…
  • The Grand Canyon
    The drive from Page to the Grand Canyon took us to the Cameron Trading Post, established in the early 1900’s. Although the shop is pricy, the motel rooms have an abundance of local color: There are hand carved chairs, beds, and valances, and real tile bath sinks and floors. Very comfy sleep and reasonable. We were able to be on the road early for the Grand Canyon! Our first stop was the Desert Vi…
  • Grand Canyon
    On Sunday, March 30 we left Anthem heading for the Grand Canyon. The trip took about 3 hours in ferocious winds. They actually shifted the side rear-view mirror out of alignment on the drivers side! We pulled into the Grand Canyon Railroad RV Park. Some would say it was just a parking lot but the sites were level, the Internet was free with a strong signal, and the cell phone coverage was great. W…

Which feeds will Trip Journal entries appear in?

Provided they have qualified content (see above), Trip Journal entries appear in any feeds which cover a relevant region, city or park. For instance, Grand Canyon entries will be included in the feeds for Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, and Southwestern USA.

How do I subscribe?

1. Visit Good Sam Club’s ‘Explore’ page or similar pages on or our partner sites, including those listed below.

2. Select the region, city or park that interests you.

3. Click on the RSS button.

4. Drag or copy the resulting URL from y0ur address bar to your News Reader. If you don’t have one, you can download a News Reader for free from Google, Yahoo or other news readers such as those listed here.

How often will I be notified of fresh content?

Depending on the region, city or park you select and your News Reader’s settings, new Trip Journal entries may be added to your feed as often as once daily. New content will be listed at the top with older content falling off the bottom.

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