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March 15, 2013

travel life appAs spring is just around the corner (March 20th), people with RVs are hitching to go open it and get on the road.   I know our family is looking forward for our camping season.   Knowing that our campground is installing a zip line makes it a bit hard for the kids to wait.  But it won’t open until May so in the meantime we plan our summer as best as we can.  For me it means I am starting to think of the titles I would like to read during the summer time.  Having an iPad, I have the opportunity of bringing as many books as I would like without worrying of limited space.   Some people prefer to bring magazines with them when going camping.  Apart of my Homeschool magazine (which is now digitalized and completely free – I download a PDF format which I upload on my iPad), my eyes don’t feast much of that kind of reading material.

However, for people on the road and used to read the Trailer Life Magazine, you can now bring with you a digital version of the magazine with you.   Enjoy reading your magazine on the new and improve Trailer Life app which will allow you to be up-to-date with anything and everything related to RV.    This app is currently available for the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad.   You will have instantaneous access to one of the most popular magazine for recreational-vehicle enthusiasts whenever you want.   Packed with articles about RV lifestyle, reviews, tow vehicles and much more.  This magazine is perfect for you whether you are a new RVer or an old-timer one.


The app is flexible as you can scroll or tap through the latest industry news as well as pick the font size and color which should enhance your reading experience.   Now you don’t have to worry to miss an issue of Trailer Life Magazine as it will come automatically on your device as you travel.

I personally love reading about destinations, national parks to visit, and reviews of accessories –which I would read from the website.   But the app offers a complete issue of the magazine directly to your device when you purchase it.  My only disappointment is the fact that you have to purchase the app in order to access the latest issue of Trailer Life Magazine.  I wish that they would offer the app and first issue for free so that you can explore and determine if you like it or not.   The price of the app itself is 1.99$.  If you want to purchase individual past issues it will cost you 1.99$ each or you can subscribe for a full year for the price of 15.99$.

If you would like to have a magazine specialized in everything related to RVing, then Trailer Life Magazine is a good pick for you.   However, if you are more like me and wonder if this magazine would be good for you, I think it would be better to get the app free so people can evaluate the magazine with the issue included in the download.    Then if the reader likes it he/she can decide to purchase a subscription.

The app can be downloaded directly from iTunes.

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