Wyoming is land that is almost untouched.

The least most populated state in the county, you can travel for miles and not see another vehicle, house or person. It’s easy to visualize what this land was like millions of years ago when the land was roamed by creatures large and small.

To help dig into the past and find remnants of a world thought lost, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center is ready to get your hands dirty. Located in Thermopolis, the center features a museum with over 30 mounted skeletons including “Jimbo,” the Supersaurus. Other highlights include a 35 foot T-Rex, “the Thermopolis Specimen”. The only Archaeopteryx in North America, along with hundreds of other displays and dioramas. But the real treasure is the dino dig that allows visitors a chance to help unearth what lies below the dirt.

Staff take participants a few miles outside of the center into the land that was once part of the Sundance Sea millions of years ago. Over the years, 10,000 bones have been removed from these excavation sites and become a part of the center. For Paleontologist Andrew Rossi, it’s helping people become a part of science.

“It’s not just something you read about,” he said. “It’s inviting people to come out and help get the job done.”

Unearth T-Rex Bones!

Wind River Hotel and CasinoWind River Hotel & Casino - restaurant is also inviting people to take part in these historic digs by partnering with the Wyoming Dinosaur Center to offer exclusive adventure packages. With our Dinosaur dig package, you can spend your day unearthing the bones of a T-rex, Triceratops or a Supersaures. Half day dig packages includes two half day passes of a three hour guided dig and a one night stay at the Wind River Hotel and Casino. Museums entry is not included but can be purchased at the Dinosaur center.

Full day packages includes two full day adult passes with the dig from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sack lunches, a personal guided tour of the museum and a one night stay at the Wind River Hotel and Casino. Guests can add extra passes. Packages are available seven days a week beginning in late spring through early fall.

The majority of fossils found are from long-necked sauropods. Digging to find the answer to this question is part of the thrill, Rossi said.

“It’s answering an unanswered question and that’s the most exciting thing in science,” he said.

Watching visitors of all ages find a fossil and the buzz that ensues is why Rossi is glad to be employed by the center for the last six years.

“It’s an immensely satisfying feeling,” he said.

In addition to the dino dig, Wind River Hotel and Casino also features other adventure packages to make your stay memorable.

White water rafting

For the really adventurous, join us on a white water rafting trip through the scenic Wind River Canyon. Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing is a Native American-owned business based in Thermopolis. Guiding the canyon for 20 years, they offer a variety of trips from Memorial Day through Labor Day. One of the most popular trips is the Upper Canyon. Enjoy both the peaceful and calm beginning of this trip and the biggest longest rapid on the river! Breathtaking scenery of the upper Wind River Canyon surrounds you at the launch site; then it’s time to get soaking wet!


Looking for something more low-key? Take in two rounds of golf at the highly rated Riverton Country Club. Take on the green and enjoy a day with your friends or partner. We offer great hotel packages and other discounts to make this trip a winner.

Wind River Hotel & Casino - Arapaho tribal memberNorthern Arapaho Experience Song and Dance

Every Tuesday night during the summer, the Northern Arapaho Experience Song and Dance is a celebration of music, dancing and friendship. These free performances give viewers a glimpse into the world of the Arapaho people. When the music stops, take a walk through our Cultural Room to learn more about our tribe. An Arapaho elder will guide you through the museum that tells the story of our people through paintings, artifacts and stories.

Wild Horse Sanctuary

The Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary is the only one located on the reservation. A curated visitor’s center tells the importance of horses in Native culture and traditions. You can also schedule a guided tour of the working ranch and the wild horses.

To book an adventure package please visit WindRiverHotelCasino.com

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