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Wheeler Peak in the Spring–Part 2

Several weeks ago we climbed the Williams Lake Trail in the Taos Ski Valley in the hopes of also completing part of the trail to Wheeler Peak, which begins at the end of the first trail. We spent about 18 minutes on the Wheeler Trail before losing it completely. Any markings or tracking we had

The Rift in Winter…

I wrote a post several months back about a hike we took this past summer on a trail called Trader’s Trail, part of the Rift Trail System south the Taos, NM. A beautiful hike, Trader’s Trail meanders down nearly two miles and culminates just above the Rio Grande Gorge, making it well worth the trip

Our Hatch Chile Quest Continues…

At the end of my last post, we had been frustrated in our quest to obtain a case of fresh roasted Hatch, NM chiles by arriving after every store had sold out for the day. But we were determined! After all, the most common question in any New Mexico restaurant is “Red or green?” Diners