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sway control and weight distribution

Why Weight Distribution and Sway Control Are So Important

Enjoy your RV trips with peace of mind knowing your Equal-i-zer® hitch provides you with both sway control and weight distribution. Oftentimes, people think sway control and weight distribution are the same thing, but they’re not. Equal-i-zer hitch gives customers both from one hitch, without any add-ons. The big thing about both of these concepts

Trailer Sway; Part 2

In last week’s article I talked about what trailer sway is, and I ended the article by listing some of the most important items associated with trailer sways. This week we want to discuss some of the ways to help control trailer sway based on these causes for trailer sway.

Trailer Sway; What It Is & How To Control It

A  few weeks ago I was contacted by Jose Adauto de Souza, who lives and works in Brazil. Adauto is a Petroleum Geologist/Geophysicist close to being retired. Since 1978 he has been a camping enthusiast, starting with tents, then a pop-up, travel trailers and now has a Class A motorhome.  (I have been through the same RV progression, and