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The Best General Purpose Outdoor GLOVES

My favorite pair of outdoor gloves are Head Digital Sport Running Gloves (http://goo.gl/IJfJy2). Don’t be fooled by the “running” moniker. These are excellent everyday gloves that are useful around an RV campsite, or any other place where you might be using your hands. (Except the shower – they aren’t much good in the shower.) Although

Use THESE When Backing Up Your RV

When we RV camp – especially when we are backing up our travel trailer – we need direct reliable communication. Smartphones don’t always cut it. That’s why we use “walkie-talkies” (two-way radios) like the Midland LTX600VP3 (http://goo.gl/vLRiJu). We carry a pair in our truck glovebox and use them daily. Walkie-talkies simply work better than smartphones

More Campers Stay Connected

Tablets, smartphones, and other devices are becoming popular at campgrounds across the U.S. Scanning smartphones, tablets, and laptops is as much a part of vacations as slathering on sunscreen, according to a Michigan State University study. The results, which will appear in the forthcoming issue of Annals of Tourism Research, show that easy online access