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Tech- Inside a Dometic NDA1402

Last week, I attended a course on the “New Generation” of Dometic refrigerators. The 3 models we looked at are the RM3762/3962, fairly conventional top/bottom 2 door models with new control circuitry, including constant LED readouts of the temperature in the fresh food cabinet, the RM1350, a large 4 door model, with cold water through

LP Appliances- Electronic Ignition Systems

With the exception of pilot type water heaters and some smaller LP/Electric refrigerators, modern LP appliances in RVs are controlled by electronics, meaning the gas valve is opened, the flame is ignited, and the flame is “proved” (flame safety- making certain the burner is burning). These systems are used for a number of reasons: No

RV Service- Random Thoughts

Well, Speed Weeks at the Daytona International Speedway are finally over, but they left me with not enough time for photographing and drawing diagrams for this weeks Blog entry, so I’ll take this opportunity to editorialize a bit on RV service and repair. I started repairing my own RV in 1980, after a…. umm…. “less