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Internet, Satellite dishes, and Trees

I have a love/hate relationship with trees. I love the beauty, the shade, and the ambiance they provide. I hate that they block our satellite dish from connecting us to Internet. It took me a while before I had the nerve to ask a park for a site without trees. That was sacrilege! But, I

I Love my Satellite Internet

I write a lot about the 3 different ways to get high-speed Internet as you travel: Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite. We use all three. Satellite is by far the most expensive. In the past year, we have heard from so many people who love their cellular Internet that I’ve considered getting rid of our satellite

Tech- TV in your RV….

A bit of a departure for me this week- the many, many changes coming down the pike on how you watch television in your RV. New technologies are changing the way you watch, whether you get your signal from an OTA (Over The Air) antenna or a Satellite dish, and whether you want to watch