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The Survival Guide For RV Shows

Observations made by Lug_Nut.     RV shows offer a great opportunity for a potential buyer to see many makes and models all at one location.  Additionally, they can be viewed in a comfortable environment regardless of the season or weather.  Consumers, however, must be careful not to get carried away with the sparkling bling and

RV Shows, your Wintertime RV Fix

In late November we took our last RV camping trip for 2009. We had a great time and when we returned I cleaned the RV, winterized it, and prepared it for storage. When I closed the garage door behind me the reality sank in that there would be no more RV adventures until sometime this coming

RV Show Season has Arrived

View my RV Buying Video Tip at the end of this post. Each year, around this time, the RV show season starts. RV shows, like boat shows, are intended to introduce the new model year RV’s and to help disseminate RV related information to the consumer. These shows are usually scheduled during the slower time