RV.net Weekly Poll – What is your favorite RV Show "booth goody"?

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March 2, 2009

RV Show season is in full swing, and as we gear up for hosting a booth at The Rally, we want your input into what type of “booth goody” we should be looking at handing out as a thank you to our faithful readers and members. So tell us, what’s your favorite “booth goody”?

P.S. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about here, a booth goody is a small logo-branded item given as a gift to booth visitors to thank them for their patronage.

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  1. Dogleg

    I don’t wish to enable my cookies for very valid internet security reasons. No matter how simple that is.

    There are doubtless many others who don’t wish to enable cookies in their browsers because of the risks and intrusions when they do so.

    What we do wish is that you remove the insidious popup promotion to get new subscribers while you are annoying your current ones. Why don’t you “simply” put an option off to the side to sign up new subs?

  2. The pop-up you are refering to is programmed to only display once per visitor, but in order for the site to recognize that you’ve already seen it, you must have your cookies enabled for RV.net.

    So if you simply enable your cookies you will no longer see the pop-up. Without your cookies enabled, the site will not recognize you as a returning customer, and therefore it will display the pop-up.

    For information on how to enable your cookies, we suggest you visit http://www.google.com/cookies.html
    For information on how RV.net uses cookies, visit http://rv.net/privacy.cfm#anch3

  3. John Ellis

    I’ll come in with a 3rd vote. I’m registered, get the daily emails and I’m still interrupted with the popup. But I’m new to RVing and have gotten a lot of valuable info from the experienced travelers, so I’ll still stay.

  4. John Shelton

    This is a bit off topic, but………..i want to support DOGLEG’s issue here. I don’t have the free time that he apparently does, so I will be more brief. I, like DOGLEG, find it very frustrating to be bombarded with pop-up solicitations of any sort when I am trying to arrive at a particular website/webpage. This is made much more frustrating when, as in this case, one wouldn’t be getting the pop-up in the first place if they were not already subscribed to whatever the pop-up is pitching. RV.Net please pitch the pop-up!


    I enjoy reading the articles that come with my blog.rv.net subscription. However, lately, there has been an annoying ‘tic’ in your publication. That ‘tic’ is that when I click to open an article among the list in the email you send me, it opens up some kind of a registration sheet that wants me to enter a bunch of personal information. I don’t want to enter my personal information; I want to read the article.

    So far, I’ve just clicked past it, thinking that sooner or later you would recognize it as an affront to your readers. You haven’t.

    The very next time it happens will be the last for me. (Ok, I’ll give you a week to fix it.)

    But if you don’t, I will just end my subscription to blog.RV.Net forever, and enter the “From” address into my “Junk Mail” list. Therefore by doing so, I will also no longer be exposed to all the daily articles that often refer to specific products, and will no longer be exposed to all the advertising in the banners or sidebars adjacent to the articles.

    Remove the annoying and unwelcome information form popup and I (along with other readers whose objections I’ve observed) may stay enthusiastic about this blog.