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Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks for Our RV Lifestyle

Many will be on the road traveling today and throughout this Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is the biggest travel weekend in America, and RVers are out in force, back on the road, crossing the country in their RVs to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. And many Snowbirds are traveling south to their favorite Sunbelt roost to

Working Carbon Monoxide Detectors Can Save Lives

In an earlier post I reported that five people died in their sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning inside a rented camper at a bike rally in Clarksville, Tennessee. Investigators said the victims appeared to have been overcome by carbon monoxide fumes that leaked into the camper from a generator. The RV’s carbon monoxide detector, which

Sustainability at Rest: a Revolutionary RV Concept

Sarasota, Florida-based ROBRADY Designs plans to transform the recreational vehicle from a lumbering fuel-guzzler into a lean, green ecologically sustainable luxurious machine. The first step in attempting to take the idea of sustainability and green RVing to a whole new level was to slim down the motorhome and thereby increasing fuel efficiency and consumer accessibility