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Campground Etiquette – A thing of the past?

Just spent a great Memorial Day weekend in Shenandoah National Park at the Big Meadows Campground. Beautiful weather, s’mores, children playing, great hikes. Overall people were friendly, no loud drinking parties, but I was amazed by how clueless some people were to the ‘unwritten’ rules of camping. And since they’re ‘unwritten’, how are they supposed

How to Protect Your Blades

The next time you enjoy a cup of coffee, hold on to that foam cup—it can be used to help protect those expensive motorhome wiper blades. Simply place a cup under each wiper arm so that when you’re parked the blades are raised off the hot windshield. By Harvey Hetrick, Torrance, California This tip can

Battery Basics for Your RV

By Ken Freund Batteries are essential for unplugged camping, yet they often get no attention until there’s a problem, which is often too late to save them. Here’s a quick primer: Popular RV batteries come in three basic types: Conventional flooded electrolyte, gelled electrolyte and absorbed glass mat (AGM). Flooded batteries have been around the