How to Protect Your Blades

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May 27, 2011

The next time you enjoy a cup of coffee, hold on to that foam cup—it can be used to help protect those expensive motorhome wiper blades.

Simply place a cup under each wiper arm so that when you’re parked the blades are raised off the hot windshield.

By Harvey Hetrick, Torrance, California

This tip can be found in Ten Minute Tech, Volume 3. For more great do-it-yourself tips from fellow RVers, order your copy from the Good Sam Bookstore.

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  1. Dan

    Would a piece of old hose cut off and then sliced along it not work as well. I am sure we all have old useless hoses around and that way the blades would be kept straight.

  2. N. Glenn

    Tennis balls (even old ones will work!) with a cord thru them and tied to the pivot, will drop down when you turn them on, and remain, to be reused, even if you forget to take them off!

  3. Don Thompson

    I found a use for all those tennis balls that end up in the way. I place one under each arm and the blades are just above the glass.

  4. Glenn Shindler

    I agree with Tom Moore re using foam pipe insulation over the wipers and would add that it will last years, not months. You can drive with it installed and if you forget to take it off before a rainstorm it will actually do a moderate job of keeping the windshield clear.

  5. Tom Moore

    I find that a piece of pipe insulation slit lengthwise on one side works excellent for two reasons: 1) it keeps sun off the wiper rubber which reduces the effect of the UV rays on the rubber and 2) it keeps the wiper elevated to keep the rubber from bending out of shape. Slit the insulation lengthwise on one side, slide the insulation up along the wiper so that the slit is just covering the wiper and below the framework of the wiper mount. Oh, and 3) it is cheap and reusable for several months.