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Maintaining Your RV Refrigerator

Some of the most common RV problems stem from refrigerators. Refrigerators in RVs operate using an absorption system, which incorporates a completely different set of principles than those in compressor-driven household units. The RV is far more demanding than the relatively static residential environment. For example, RV refrigerators are required to operate on a variety of energy sources

Refrigerators and Latches

Refrigerators and Latches Why doesn’t the RV industry supply its motorhomes and trailers with the ability to operate the refrigerators on DC power? Many folks are running the gas for the refrigerator when traveling on the road, which is dangerous. For safety purposes, the gas should be shut off at the storage vessel under these

Refrigerator Warranty Gone Wrong

When Good Sam members Judith and Arden Johnston of Sequim, Washington, weren’t reimbursed for a faulty refrigerator part that was under warranty, they contacted Action Line for help: We own a 2009 Phaeton motorhome that we purchased new in October of 2009. In November of 2010, we had the Norcold refrigerator serviced as instructed in