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Exposure Compensation

You may have noticed a button or menu item that provides exposure compensation on your digital (or for that matter, film) camera.  What does it do & how do you use it to improve your photographs?

Taking Better Photographs, Part 4

First, you might want to check the previous “Taking Better Photographs” Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Although the information may overlap, the suggestions in the first three articles is primarily aimed at the aesthetics of producing better photographs.  Today I’ll cover some of the technical steps you can take to improve your images.

Do I Need a New Camera?

Sooner or later everyone is likely to decide it is time for a new camera.  If your old one got lost, broken, or is no longer usable, the decision is easy (although the choice of what to get can be daunting) but even if you just want a new one I’ve included some suggestions that