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Using your RV to survive in an earthquake or other natural disaster

By Bob Difley The sudden shaking of my office, pens and paperclips skittering across the desk, and the rental motorhomes outside on the RV  lot dancing like it was a Saturday night beach party. As any Californian instantly comprehends–another earthquake! Even after the worst of  Hurricane Katrina had passed over, when the levees broke, every

RV Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we looked at driving in adverse weather, that most have encountered at one time or another.  Today we will discuss the chance encounter of coming face to face with a real severe weather event, a tornado.  (Link to last week’s part 1: http://blog.rv.net/2009/11/rv-driving-in-adverse-weather-conditions-part-1-of-2/ ) Tornados, as we know them today, are one of the