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Member Tip: Down Spout

Submitted by Sidney, British Columbia, Canada Roof downspouts always seem to leave black streaks along the trailer side walls because the spouts are too short. After trying metal downspout extensions and small PVC tubing, which all eventually came off, I found the simplest and most effective solution — clip on a clothespin at each downspout.

Out of Sight, Out of Smell

Submitted by Robert Swadell of Henderson, Nev.  Have you ever noticed how the laundry bag gets bigger and bigger – and invariably spends most its time in the shower? Our solution was to install a trap door in the floor of our coach, leading to a hamper in an outside storage compartment. Not only does

Member Tip: Secure Sliding Doors

Submitted by Rich Payne of Tillamook, Ore. At the rear of our motorhome, we have a closet with large mirrored sliding doors. The motorhome manufacturer installed plastic locks to keep these doors secure while traveling. Unfortunately, the weight of these glass doors combined with rough roads, snapped the plastic locks and the doors slid open.