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Top Destination RV Parks

Hang out with Mickey in Disney World or contemplate the sheer power of Niagara Falls. Stay at the Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory’s  Top Destination Parks for great camping experiences near some of North America’s most popular travel spots. Check out popular destinations during the day and relax in comfort in the

Discover Ontario

Since the traveling season are just around the corner for us in Ontario and that many rvers like to explore new places, I thought I could present my “adoptive” province to you.   I say adoptive because I was born and raised in the province of Quebec but moved to Ontario when I got married. Where

Doors Open Ontario

Last year, out of the blue, we have decided to participate to the Doors Open Ottawa during the first week-end of June.   That year, we have discovered a wonderful way to learn more about the facilities in our city as we visited the Traffic Control, the Supreme Court, the parliament, the paramedic’s headquarters as well