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Holiday Travel Made Simple

The thought of Thanksgiving and the holidays conjures up so many wonderful ideas – turkey roasting, falling leaves or snow, spending time with family and friends. These days, though, many of us are spread out across the country or even across the world. That means we may be spending time before the holidays traveling to

Safe Holiday Travel Tips

Forty thousand people in the United States die each year on the road! With the peak RV travel season here I thought this would be a good time to discuss getting to your RV travel destination safely. Getting there can be half the fun, as the saying goes, if you take a few precautions to

Holiday Travel Survival Guide

Plan to visit friends or family this holiday season? Drive your RV and save money. Travel experts warn that this may be one of the most expensive holiday travel seasons we’ve seen as airlines and hotels are expected to hike prices during the busy season to make up for a slow year.  So here’s how to