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Staying Cool In Your RV

  Staying cool in your RV during the summer is a direct result of regular air conditioner maintenance.  Though there are both roof and basement AC units used by RV manufacturers, we will address the most common, roof mounted unit. The first and most frequent item that needs attention are the filters; that screen the

Making Your Air Conditioner Generator Friendly

Some RV air conditioners have a difficult time starting when using a generator, especially portable generators. There are a number of factors that contribute to hard starting but most often it’s because there is not enough available power to start the compressor quickly. The compressor motor in a typical RV air conditioner system can draw

Tech- Tune up your rooftop A/C

In some parts of the country, the heat is already here- in other parts, it’s well on its way, so I thought it might be good to talk about giving your rooftop air conditioner a basic tuneup. A couple of things to remember about roof top RV air conditioners- all air conditioners work by removing