With the advent of the web, information on any topic you could imagine is no further than a mouse-click away. But with all these resources, where do you start when researching a camping-related question? You could “Google It.” But if you’re wise there is a more targeted starting point…


David Sweet has organized quite an amazing wealth of information on camping and RVing over at About.com. The Camping page on About.com is an excellent resource for those new to camping or even the more savvy camper. Sweet has everything from Reviews to Recipes. It’s a great place to start no matter what your question may be.

With over 50 years of camping experience under his belt it’s no wonder why he is an About.com author.

David’s bio page says it best… “As your camping guide, my goal is to provide you with a virtual campground where you can pitch yourself in front of your monitor for awhile and explore the topic of camping. Whether you’re gearing up, looking for a campground, planning a meal or needing advice, you’ll find it at About Camping.”

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  3. Beacountry

    For some of us who are a little computor illiterate, and camping newbies to boot, once in a while we do strike GOLD !! Thanks, Beacountry