What's a Super C? plus some Q & A

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April 23, 2008

A question was asked if those spring loaded lubricators with external grease fittings were ok to use on his trailers wheel bearings. As far as I can see these are great gadgets. I have four of them on my car trailer. I have no scientific facts to support the use or not use of them but over nearly 100,000 miles I have never lost a wheel bearing on the trailer and being as I am prone to haul home an errant elderly tractor or steam engine or other old iron, the trailer has not had an easy life.

After the blog about weighing a trailer several of you wrote with suggestions and concerns. One concern was that scales operators such as truck stops frowned on unhooking the trailer and moving to several different positions. This is why I try to make a deal with a local sand pit or private scale and then try to show up at a slack time in their schedule.

Another comment was that a bath room scale could be used to check the tongue weight of a trailer. In some cases that could be used if the tongue weight was low enough. One answer suggested that side to side weight was not an issue and I differ. Side to side weight can be an issue if one side of the unit is very much heavier than the other side. Handling can be an issue as well as tire wear.

And yes there were a lot of comments about my views on class A chassis. And yes I am prejudiced as I drive a DP. And yes my DP is an oldie but it does not rest and we run about 12,000 miles year. And yes we did move from a 32 foot Southwind on a P30 Chevrolet dropping down several years to the DP. The chassis that you decide to purchase has to be the one that suits you and that you are happy with. As for me, I have a walking problem and dog houses, even little ones, do present a problem getting my feet into driving position. I have noticed that dog house may be getting smaller but they are still there even in the FRED chassis.

Dave Brownell of old car fame once told me that the best antique or old car for a person to buy was the one that as he passed every morning in the garage he could pat affectionately on the hood. A car that pleased him. Motor homes are the same there is no “best” type. What is best for me is not what is best for everyone else. Drive em all and choose.

Ok, that leaves us with what in tarnation is a Super C motor home? Well that is basically a box truck with a motor home body on back. For the most part they are heavier duty than a conventional C class that is built on a van chassis. The advantages are that they can have a larger more powerful engine and run the truck Allison transmissions. They can also have a better towing capacity. But along with that comes a higher price tag. It is a case where those that chose them consider bigger is better.

Well next week lets look at the UFO chassis and see what that is all about.

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  2. Jimmie Ellison

    I can not find a tow rating for my 1977 Apollo 330 RB motorhome.

    It has a M600 chassi and 440 with a Holly, headers and duel exust, 488 gears and a class 3 receiver.

    The weight plate is missing.

    Got any ideas?