RV.net Poll – When do you believe the US economy will begin to show signs of recovery?

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March 30, 2009

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  1. B.J. McCord


  2. keebler

    any country that has to buy everything from other countries is Doomed—well—with 10+ million out of work and factories everywhere are closing–WE have lost the advantage WE built-now—we owe our soles to the chinese–
    GOD bless AMERICA
    close the gates–from illegals getting a dam thing-
    that’s why they come- stupid D congress in control-

  3. mgt

    We might as well sell our RVs they will be worthless in 2 years when gas is $6 a gallon or more because Obama and the liberals want to “save the planet” and move everybody into a rat infested city ghetto.

  4. Art

    it is time to stop voting for any incumbants they all have been there to long i wish i had the benfits they have

  5. Eric Owen

    When we get the communusts out of office.

  6. William Shuster

    After reading all of the above posts, I realize I left out one important issue that allows the condition we are in to continue. That issue is “contentment”. Most of the persons who respond to this type of a question or blog and not content with what our elected officials are doing. They no longer represent us, they represent a socialistic way of life where everyone is taken care of by government.
    Many who write use terms like “someone has to take charge” or” they will fix it” or “they are the problem”. “IF YOU ARE NOT DOING SOMETHING TO CHANGE THE SITUATION, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.”
    Get active! First thing I suggest is NumbersUSA.com . Go there daily and learn. Find a local “Meet up group” and get active. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out a little.

  7. William Shuster

    Don’t forget to add Harry Reid to that list.
    I guess I am a pessimist on this subject, as well as several others. We didn’t get into this situation over night, or even the past 8 years although president “W” bush sure added to the fall of our republic. This has been building up since the mid 60’s and now came to an instant wake up call for all of us.
    Makes no difference if you are a Democrat or a Republican or a third party representative, there is only 2 differences now ant that is “Liberal” or “Conservative.”
    With the liberals spending the money we don’t have, like it was going out of style, this country will soon be run by the “world order” that we have been trained to accept. If we don’t wake up soon and get the liberals out of D.C. and turn the states over to conservatives who will follow the blue print as described in the Constitution and Bill of Rights which our fore fathers put together to keep this from happening. It is all spelled out there but Washington has convinced the majority of the people we need “more” government. Being “dumbed down” our youth have fallen for this crap and have their hands held out for socialistic help where they can get lazier and won’t have to do anything for themselves. The United States of America was formed by a “Capitalistic” form of action and it worked fine until we allowed this take over.
    The banks and the auto industry “Could have survived” without the “hand out” they received. It would have been tough but they could have done it. The capitalistic way of life would have seen that the good products and producers survived and the weak would have failed. Where is it written that the government must help a private company survive??? It isn’t!
    Being from Las Vegas, I have seen many cases where someone puts the familiesfood and mortgage money on the “pass line” and either they win or loose. No guarentee! Same way with life, either you plan for it or you loose.

  8. PHDiesel

    The economy will turn around when the media stops scaring the H out of the American People. The most overlooked part of this problem has been the chicken little reporting approach of the media. These people keep reporting the end of the economic world as we know it. In turn everyone from the President, to corporate leaders, to the most important people, the average American consumer goes into a defensive mode. People are being laid off by companies that fear the future in order to avoid the possibility that they will be accused of not taking aggressive action. People just shut down when they face the unknown. This unknown has been created by the media ,which by the way, knows much less about the economy that the average MOM who clearly knows how to balance a household budget. When the media stops overacting the economy will improve over night.

  9. Darn right- smaller government is the best! If we just get back to what Reagan started and let those smart guys on Wall street tale care of our money, we’ll be fine.
    Heck- we would all be much better off if we didn’t have Socila Security, and we had put our retirement in the stock market- that would be GREAT!
    Who needs things like clean air and water- not if they interfere with PROFIT! State and National parks? Bahh- they should belong to the fat cats, not the people- I mean we just work for the people who should be in charge.

  10. Dan

    Hey guys and gals, Don T. is right. What are going to have is a socialist republic when this guy is done. The people of this country got taken in by a guy that is nor for any kind of recovery for the people. Clinton started this mess eight ten or twelve years ago when he started giving the country to China. Obama will finish it.

  11. Don.....T

    Waiting until thee next election will be way to late. He and his liberial Bun-Holes will have this country bankrupt by then!

  12. G Shea

    I always hear the liberals say that it was Bush that got us into this mess. It was not. He spent to keep us safe. It was Barney Frank and others in congress that encouraged bad loans through fanny and freddie. The rebs in congress including McCain tried to stop it. Obama is burying us in debit we will never recover from. He has aready spent more than Bush and EVERY president before him combined. We can only hope that every liberal congress member and Obama lose the next election and that non socialists will get this mess turned around. Note, I think Obama already had his chance and proved he isn’t up to the job as he has appoved bail out after bail out, and his treasury guy let AIG have thier bonuses. I can’t wait for the next election to show this guy the door…

  13. How about we pass a bill that would tie the salaries of of our President and Congress to their performance. No benefit to the people, no money to them.

  14. ted wasilowski

    yessiree, m. jaroska is on the right track but we need to get ceos and board of directors salaries tied to their performance too.

  15. M Jaroska

    While the politicians are putting themselves in our shoes, they should receive the same benefits as we do. ie Social Security and Medicare, not the special bloated lifetime retirement and medical programs they currently have.

  16. Change is Good!!
    I thing America should give Obama an opportunity to make those changes and get the rest of the Government to see things in a different perspective. Maybe if the politicians put themselve in our shoes, things would certainly turn around much sooner.

  17. Rick

    Hey George, I think it was a guy with the same name and his Republican cronies who were asleep at the wheel and let us get in this mess. Eight years to get here, going to take some time to turn it around. The people of the United States elected the smartest guy available. Let’s give him a chance. Besides, our success depends on his success.

  18. nushagak

    I agree with George, but also would add Pelosi and Geithner OUT!

  19. George Wharton

    As soon as President Obama is out of office.