Photo: Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi

RV weekend trips — make the most of the all-too-short time span between Friday and Monday. 

We all know how amazing one- and two-week RV vacations can be. And we also know how hard it is to make them happen in the midst of busy schedules and demanding jobs. If you want to spend more time at the campground this year, shorter weekend trips might be the way to go. The trick is to make sure these quick escapes are relaxing and rejuvenating…not stressful and overwhelming! Here are the five ways we get the most camping mojo out of a weekend RV getaway…

1. Use those vacations days. Studies show the majority of Americans do not use all of their vacation days each year. Sure it may be difficult to escape for a week or more, but you can probably swing a Friday or a Monday off. Even taking a half-day on Friday will make the weekend seem so much longer. If you get any push back, remind your boss that time off is good for work productivity.

2. Limit your travel time. Spending less time on the road and more time at the campground will make weekend trips seem so much more worthwhile. Find a great campground within an hour or two of your home and make that your go-to weekend retreat.

3. Splurge for a late checkout. Many campgrounds will allow you to check out late on Sunday for a nominal fee. Linger over a lazy Sunday breakfast, then take a hike, go fishing, or enjoy some sightseeing around the campground. Make it a true Sunday Funday…instead of just the day you pack up and go home.

4. Have a set weekend meal plan that is super simple. For short two-night getaways, it pays not to stress too much over the meal planning. If you have a set menu and shopping list, you never have to worry about what you are going to make and whether you have the ingredients. Save the fancy stuff and creativity for longer trips.

5. Consider a seasonal campsite. If there is a campground close to home that you love and adore, check into whether they offer seasonal site rentals. If so, you can pay one yearly fee to leave your RV on the same site all season long. Then all you have to do is throw some clothes in a bag and some groceries in the cooler, and head out to where your RV is all set up waiting for you. This is a great way for folks with hectic schedules to squeeze in as much campground time as possible.

Most RVers look for every opportunity to get that rig out of the driveway and into the campground. We can’t always pull off epic two-week road trips, but a great weekend getaway can leave us feeling just as rejuvenated. Follow these five tips and get the most out of your brief RV escapes!

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi

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