Why RV Travel is the Only Way to Go

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April 20, 2017

RV travel

RV travel is the only way to go …

RV TravelMany of us have a passion to travel. That desire, for the most part, has been met using automobiles, trains, planes and ships. Decades ago, air travel was a thrill and an enjoyable mode of getting to faraway places. However, that excited, exhilarated atmosphere that once filled the air in the departure lounge is now gone.

Air travel today has little joy. Early arrival at the terminal prior to departure, security measures, delays, and lost luggage are but a few of the pitfalls that people face. The other forms of paying passenger transport, though somewhat less impacted by this, also lack the spontaneity of adventure in travel.

Staying in a hotel generally is quite predictable. You watch TV, go to bed, get up in the morning and eat breakfast in the restaurant, ditto, ditto. Then, there is RV travel.

RV Travel is the Only Way to Have Fun

Whether crossing the country or roaming aimlessly through the land, each day offers new adventures. Exploring the campsite, making “s’mores” around the campfire, meeting your camping neighbors, watching the sun rise or set over a mountain lake, cooking breakfast on an open fire, are only a taste of the many enjoyments this travel mode can deliver. Even simple tasks can differ greatly. Getting your luggage from the car into the hotel on a wind driven, rain soaked night can be a gruelling ordeal. Hooking up your RV in a driving rain storm is an adventure.

By car or airplane, a 1,000-mile vacation to Disney World begins and ends when you arrive and leave Orlando, Florida. That same holiday using your recreational vehicle can begin and end at the front door of your home.

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